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I figured it was a good picture so I manipulated it. Ive seen and have a ton of military pictures and I figured I could do something with this one so I did. I sort of got the effect of it, mainly it seems sort of lonely, and discouraged. This happens sometimes in the military as well, mainly when people call soldiers down or something bad happens. Its not the soldiers fault most of the time, they are taking orders and because of it they are taking flack for something they cannot control. I know personally it makes me upset when people call the military down, or say that soldiers are mindless and are good for nothing.

Without us you have no protection, and I realalize not everything we do is right but alot of what we do is to protect those who cannot or will not protect others or themselves
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Canadian soldier, am I right?

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I'm almost positive it's a Canadian soldier. Almost looks like a guy I knew in the army lol
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Amidst the frontlines of existence, a warrior takes a stand for a common cause still obscure to this day. My my what an image. Something we can definately witness to ourselves if you ever walked in the rain ||||||(-_-)||||||
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This is amazing. I really like the expression this picture reflects.
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Great picture and I can totally relate to what you are saying.
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it makes me mad when every people talk crap about soldier at my school, i personaly respect them.
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Amazing. I love the emotion of the soldier. It's just so....gripping. Wonderful.
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Looks like a nice picture, good job on the manip. too. Well done :)
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That looks pretty awesome, Rafe. It's cool how you photomanipulated the pic. Excellent job.
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