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German Shepherd Papercraft



Hello everyone ^^

This model is different from all the other that I have posted because it actually has some meaning behind it.

On January 25th, Kelly, one of my dogs, passed away. Only those whom have been through a situation like this know how it feels. After that, I really wanted to make something in her memory. I started looking for some german shepherd models, but I was surprised that there were none that actually looked good. So, I decided to create myself a model. I think it was for the best because I could add some details to it that could remind me of her.

You can find all the necessary files to build it by clicking the download button. It's a 5 page model that is about 200x80x325 mm. If you want to re-scale it, just ask me for the password and I will gladly share it.

I've built it using colored paper (just disable the textures if you want to do it the same way) because I think it looks so much better. I used 120 gsm black, white and metallic golden paper. I've also added some wight to the legs just to give a little bit more of balance to it, but it's not necessary. To build it, I would recommend starting from the head (nose first), then add the ears, the neck and the back. After, just build the legs (up to down), the tail, attach them to the model and then finish it by the belly (there's a piece without flaps made for that purpose).

For now, that's it. I hope she's resting in peace, wherever she is. She was one of the best companions I've ever had and I'll definitely never forget her.

See you next time. Até a próxima ^^


You can download the PDF from this link -!wJNCkIhS!P8jMRkgkoR…
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