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dangerous crossing

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Jul 8, 2010, 2:15:12 PM
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Saberwulf66's avatar
Ooo. Just in time for dinner! Now let's get those dresses off and get started.
TurningOverANewWord's avatar
Sorry, I know this is nitpicking. But why does the bear have thumbs?
Saberwulf66's avatar
So they can use tools. LOL!
KeIIion's avatar
wow so wonderful , so excellent idea , so brilliant style ,so amazing color so beautiful bear so fanastic character , so wonderful details 

you should draw more bears
sextology's avatar
more "protein" for the bear :)
ultimatede's avatar
classic, love it
GarisArtistika's avatar
soo expresive, detail and of course good paintings
juiceinthedark's avatar
Fantastic Genre work...glad I stumbled across your stuff
leriko777's avatar
...they are SO dead :)
elgrimlock's avatar
Genial master Gallur, magnífico como siempre su trabajo!
SteveWeigl's avatar
incubo13's avatar
como siempre lo e dicho eres un maestro y diria que estas en la lista de artistas que me han inspirado en mi arte.
alma-chan's avatar
que oso tan mañoso :B jejejej
londongreywolfe's avatar
I really enjoy your style. I want to describe it as retro and raw. What ever words are used, your work is wonderful.
blackray78's avatar
Este de la "Ley del Revolver" también está chido, el oso se parece al que luchó vs Blue Demón en otro de sus magnificos trabajos Maestro!
Atlas0's avatar
Meteor-Panda's avatar
bear looks like it has combed hair >.>

but l love this. so l dunno, old fashioned? like something l'd see in a 1900's vogue magazine :D
Blindscape's avatar
whoa, they're pretty calm for 2 people about to get mauled
YukiYuri's avatar
Wow. the one in red doesn't seem the least fazed. She's like, "Now that you're done exposing me erotically yet tastefully, go away."

Great Work.
dnomaid's avatar
Could I think of anything more perfect that this painting? I think not.
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Quikc throw your dresses at it! XD Awesome work here
kirbykalibak's avatar
your art is totally amazing.who are your influences?
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