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Coquito Azul- Depredador

This illustration, asked me, COQUITO AZUL, a small Mexican fighter who was delighted to have in his private collection, a painting of his character and Predator, whose fans.
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Excelente maestro, como siempre, soprendiendome con sus ilustraciones, lástima que tarda en subirlas, pero se le perdona porque es usted toda una eminencia en la ilustración, le quedó perfecto el Depredador vs el Coco Azul, le encargo si no es mucho pedir, algo de Terminator. Gracias y Saludos!
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This is a million kinds of awesome! Great work!
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whooaaa,  te quedo impresionante!!!
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it is so nice to see new awesome works by you !!
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Excelente trabajo, que gran atenciión al detalle.
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Superb. And thanks for making it availiable for download, so that we can see all the détails in depth.
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Hey camarada ya asia falta un artista como tu, ya estaba cansado de tanto pinche anime y de puros artistas mamones de Europa .
Tu me recordaste el arte de Mexico ,de aquellas istorietas del santo y condorito que buen stilo tienes
Saludos desde california.
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this is fucking dope. the attention to the smallest detail makes all the difference.
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This really does slowly go from badass to hilarious the longer you look at it.
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Hell yeah! Really awesome work! I love it.
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Amazing!  What a great opportunity.
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La mujer no debio haber cogido el arma...
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