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The Shining - movie poster

PT-BR - Acho que finalmente encontrei um jeito de usar a fonte 'labirinto' de "A Origem". Esse poster deu trabalho (e dor nas costas), mas parece bom. Seria muito legal ter um grande filme de "O Iluminado" que fosse fiel ao livro. Não que o filme de Kubrick não seja bom.

EN - I think I finally found a way to use the 'maze' font from "Inception". This poster gave me some work (and back pain), but I think it's alright. It would be so cool to have a big budget "Shining" film that followed the book. Not that the Kubrick one isn't good.

UPDATE: It is an honor for me to have this deviation among the other amazing ones DP'd by #Movie-Posters-R-Us. Guess I'm getting pretty sharp at this Photoshop thing, huh?!
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If I can think of a casting choice... Benedict Cumberbatch as Jack!
Wow. Just Wow. This is amazing. What hotel did you base the image off of?
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Thank you! It's the hotel where Stephen King had the idea for The Shining. I don't remember the name, sorry. But I'm pretty sure it's easy to find. It is also the hotel where they shot The Shining TV miniseries.
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:heart: Congratulations!!! You've just been "DP'd" and it was :iconmovie-posters-r-us: MPR' US, who just made it happen!

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Once again Congrats from all of :iconmovie-posters-r-us: MPR' US and :iconwoody-lindsey-film: Woody
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July 14th Daily Penetration!
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Will it be in 3D? :)

Nice work. At the thumbnail size I thought you used Gotham or some similar font... after seeing this I searched for "Inception maze font" and downloaded it. So thanks :)
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Glad you liked, and glad I helped. In fact, I was looking for the Gotham font for an Inception wallpaper, and found this one. I liked it, but I wanted to do something different. Then (don't know why) I typed The Shining and it look decent. So...
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Sometimes things work out nicely when you don't expect them to :)
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they did one made for TV adaptation for The Shining a couple years back. It actually followed the book really well
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I know. It was a really good adaptation. But the catch here is: what if there was a big budget movie, by a great director, that followed the book like the TV miniseries? It like to think it would be pretty awesome.
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true, that would be pretty dope
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