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Alan Wake - movie poster

PT-BR Uma das coisas que mais me atraem em um filme é o poster. Infelizmente, esta é uma arte quase perdida. E em minha segunda contribuição para manter a teatralidade necessária nos posters, eu trago: Alan Wake. E se houvesse um filme de Alan Wake?

EN One of the things that attract me the most in a movie is its poster. Unfortunately, this is an almost lost kind of art. And, for my second contribution to keep the necessary theatricality in movie posters, I bring you: Alan Wake. What if there really was an Alan Wake movie?

P.S.: The names, marks and logos displayed here are copyright of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. Alan Wake movie poster is a work of fiction, made just for fun.
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Hans Zimmer wrote the music, we're in heaven
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Very gorgeous typography. Striking and powerful! <3
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holy shit.  That looks awesome.  I would pay anything to see that movie if it was real!
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as long as it was completely done by Remedy, with their respected actors to the faces )aka, ILKKA VILLI) etc... then. Fuck Yes. <3 Basically, if it was done like BRIGHT FALLS mini series, with of course a lil more budget etc. PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL and i want to cry. This poster is EPIC as hell too!!
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if this was a real poster I will watch it, great pic
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That looks really well done, congratulations.
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Thanks! It took me quite some time and work, really...
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Is there actually a movie?
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I wish.. hahah
No, this is just a dream of mine. But let's hope somebody in Hollywood has the same dream...
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Why don't they make a movie of it?! It would be amazing!
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mto loko vei...quem me dera q o filme existisse de verdad... MAS VAI TER O SEGUNDO JOGO OBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
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A film by Christopher Nolan. You have this all figured out don't you?
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Hahaha I really don't, it was more of a moment decision. Can't say the same about my Power Rangers Movie and Law & Order Movie posters, though.
Only now that you've pointed it out, I guess I'm gonna give it some thought.
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Would so make a fantastic movie... awesome job!
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Alan Wake really seems like a film trapped in a videogame's body, doesn't it?!
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Rodney here - Admin Director of :iconscreeners:

I wanted to let you know that this piece has been selected by our members/viewers to be part of our February Feature News article.

You can find that news article here: [link] *Please fave the article*

This piece will also reside in the #Screeners Featured folder for the month of February. Thank you so much for allowing us to showcase your art in our group, and congrats on the selection :handshake:
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Thank you! It's an honor to be featured among all of these talented people.
By the way, there are other works coming up.
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Looking forward to it - I love your work :)
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Directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale! IT WOULD BE JUST LIKE THE DARK KNIGHT <3
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i really love the game....for me it was the best game in 2010 and the best game ive played since legacy of kain and mass effect.....
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more higher DPI would be really great!!! Is there any possibility you would upload some higher DPI Q poster? i would love to print it as a real poster
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Great game; it was unfortunatly overshadowed by Red Dead.
Alan Wake is just awesome.
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