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Synthwave/Retrowave - Neon 80s - Background

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A 1920x1080 background version of my Synthwave/Retrowave - Neon 80's banner!

A 4K version can now be found here:…
A 4K Revamped version can be found here:…

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Requesting permission to use this work for any online or offline publication is always required and therefore highly advised.
Any inquiry for commercial use of any of my content, please contact me at:
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© 2016 - 2021 Rafael-De-Jongh
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Any chance of bigger resolutions? Like 8K or exotic aspect ratios like 21:9 (2560x1080px).

1080p is a bit pixelated these days.

Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar

I have a 10k UWHD version of the remastered edition. If you like that then please contact me.

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Nice job! I would love something like this as a header for my blog.
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Amazing graphics. It actually made me want to go back in time to the 1980's. Keep up the good work.

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Hey man, I was wondering if you make GIFS?
Also wondering if I could use this my guy?
Just as an Offline picture on my Twitch :)
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
I can make gifs yea, depends on what you need to be honest.

As for your second question I prefer not as Twitch or any other streams tend to go into a grey area where it most of the time is either not attributed or used for some monetary purpose (like receiving donations/money for streams and what not).

I am however totally cool if the streams does not have any commercial gain so no monetization or other monetary purposes are being gained from it, and if somewhere the art is properly attributed then it is fit for usage.

But as this tends to not be lived up to by many, I prefer to not have it being used in any streams. 

If however everything is properly covered and in compliance of my license then I don't see anything wrong with it of course!
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Hello! I was wondering if I could use this image for a custom personal credit card like this. The image would be used non-commercially and it would provide no commercial benefits or monetary gain.
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Looks pretty cool Cannonlake, if it's for private usage I really do not mind at all and would love to see the actual card when you receive it!

Don't forget that I remade this background in 4K:  Retrowave Neon 80's Background - 4K by Rafael-De-Jongh

And also revamped it a bit later: 
Synthwave - Neon 80s - Background - Render Revamp by Rafael-De-Jongh

Either way go ahead and get back to me with the final card once you've got it into your possession!
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Can I use it for a non-profit Vocaloid cover of an 80's song that I'm remasterizing? Credits will be given of course
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
I assume the cover would be required to altered/modified to fit the song? Or how would you actually utilise this background as a cover?
I sure am interested about the song itself though as I do like Vocaloid a lot well!

Keep me posted ;)
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I'd just put the character on the left side and keep the background intact
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New Meridian by don1purp  

With your permission I would like to use this as a neon back ground for my retro text. Its for my new YouTube channel. Is that all right ?
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
Sadly this would go against my copyright licences being the part of NoDerivatives  so can't really allow it sadly enough. 

Best of luck with your YouTube channel though!
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Hi, I would love to use this for an insta edit?
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
As my license states no redistribution when there are derivatives.
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Hello, can I use this for a school project ? Thanks !
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
How would you use it to be honest? Just making sure as for example in my school if we used anything from the internet it would be seen a plagiarism and therefore would result in a 0/20 on the whole course. So be wary of that as well as it isn't allowed to publicly derivative it and distribute it, as it is a school project I'm sure more people will have a look at it and therefore would be considered an infringement on my copyright. And at the end of all these questions how are you going to attribute me for a school project?

So yea more information is required before I can really provide you with a proper permission for you to use it! In general however I wish you the best with your school project!
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I would like to use it as a background for a python game but my teacher wants me to have permissions to use it :)
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
Will the game ever be publicly distributed outside the school assignment? If so then no, however if it's purely for personal usage of a game you're making with proper attribution (placed somewhere in a humans.txt or similar) then I guess that would be fine. In general if you're making the game for private usage with the background no problem, but once it is altered or re-distributed without proper attribution then that may cause some legal problems.

Either way make sure to check out my other versions as well, as this is my original version which is rather on the low quality side so my updated 4K of revamed 4K version might be better! 
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Thank you for your explanations.

I guess it's for private usage, only my class mates and two teachers will see it to give a mark for the project.

I will only use it as a background, the theme of the game is Retrowave 80's.
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
If it's private use like that with proper attribution and never will be publicly available, then sure go ahead.
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Hey could I use this wallpaper in my Nintendo x Playstation Console presentation?
Wanting a 80's vaporware aesthetic and this fits like a glove! 
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
What kind of presentation are we talking about here exactly? Non-Profit or?
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