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Retrowave Neon 80's Background - 4K

A recreated 4K (3840x2160 @ 300DPI) version of my Retrowave / Synthwave 80's background!

You can find the original 1080p version here:…
A revamped version can be found here:…

I'm also providing the 3D and PSD assets and a higher quality PNG (36MB) up for premium content. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Requesting permission to use this work for any online or offline publication is always required and therefore highly advised.
Any inquiry for commercial use of any of my content, please contact me at:
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3840x2160px 6.8 MB
© 2017 - 2022 Rafael-De-Jongh
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Hi!! I'm making an icon for an Amino (not monetised), may I use this as a background? If not, it's alright! Thanks!

Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar

I'm not familiar with the term or form 'Amino'. Could you please further inform me regarding what this usage entails?

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Hey my guy!

I'm currently making a gift for my friend and his oc has a retro vibe

Is it OK if I use this?
If not I'll remove the background
I'll make sure to credit
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
Hi there

Thank you for asking, in general if it is in line with my copyright license it should be fine. And as you requested it here there should not be a problem as long as the license is followed up on. So attribution as you mentioned already. You can do this just by name or also include the original link to the image, that it isn't monetised or used for commercial purposes and that it won't be derivatived. Besides that go ahead and feel free to pm me the link with the final result. 
TechouNoPenki's avatar
Nice work! Like the colors!
Ms-ShadowCrimson's avatar
Lol I have this pic in my laptop home screen xD
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
Awesome! Glad you like it ;)
1BlackFire1's avatar
Hey how make it ? I want too..
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
3D programs like blender and post render altering in pixel programs like photoshop or affinity.
GhrorTime's avatar
i really love your work how you made this can i have a tutorial please
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
I do not really have a tutorial, but I do have the history:…
Hi i would love to use this as a background in my youtube channel its a non monetised retro gaming style channel i will be adding my own retro png tv set to the foreground if thats cool to use your image as the background?
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
My copyright states that NoDerivatives are allowed, so no I can not allow this sadly.
Hey! I love this, very nice work. Do you design logos and album artwork?
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
I do commissioned work yes.
DraconianKnightess's avatar
May I use this or your revamp as a playlist cover in Spotify? I'd make sure to credit you.
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
This depends, are you going to sell your playlist on spotify or are there any commercial benefits linked to this or derivatives? Those two are the more important ones rather than the attribution.
Feel free to enlighten me with what you have in mind then I can provide the necessary permission if it seems fit!
DraconianKnightess's avatar
I am not seeking to make any money with this playlist. It's primarily for personal use, to listen to while I write, and I've been trying to set playlist art for many of my playlists in order to make them easier to differentiate since I have a lot of them. I doubt anyone will follow the playlist, but in the off-chance that someone does come across it, I would like for them to understand that the art is not my own, and have a way for it to link back to you. 
Rafael-De-Jongh's avatar
Sure that sounds cool! Feel free to use it then and also pass the link to the playlist here so we all can have a listen to your personal favourites! 
DraconianKnightess's avatar
Here ya go:…
It's kind of a long playlist, but that way I'm not always listening to the same music so it keeps it from growing old. 
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