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Epic Dragon

Final version of my Dragon digital painting, completed entirely in SketchBook using the air brush tool. It's the first time in quite a while (months) that I actually completely finished a digital painting and I'm relatively happy with how it turned out. I like the lighting of the piece, though I wished I could have conveyed a stronger sense of depth through out the image. Overall I'm happy with the effort though, and I hope anyone that sees it enjoys it too. Please feel free to leave feed back, below is the link to the speed painting video of the image, enjoy :)

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NOT BAD!! this is good, nice dragon
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Thanks, I appreciate the compliment :)
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no problem, dragons are cool
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hey.....if you wanted to read something of mine, which would you read?
World In Between- A story of angels, demons, and hallf human and animals working together to stop common evils
Lightning War- a group of school children fighting aganist things called Shadows.
Beast Heart- little resistance trying to overpower big resistance, except in the form of wilds cats?
Choose oh wise dragon maker
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I think World In Between could be an interesting read if the writing is executed properly, since it sounds like you must have quite a few characters to play with there.
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i have a lot, and counting. but i'm doing well
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