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By Raeyxia
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I redesigned some of my OCs, gave them alternate outfits and such! They are the main characters from my original story called Parallel Stride

Characters, from left to right:
Asami Nana, Shiho Koene, Suzuki Hinata, Suzuka Hinata, Dianna Eldhart, Akamori, Hoshina, Minoru Kneider.

Facebook post (including individual pictures:…
Tumblr post:…

Characters are mine!
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I'm loving these character designs, wow! Awesome job on these, I'm excited to learn more about the characters and hopefully read the story when it's posted! ^^
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Ahh thank you so much for your interest!! ;q;
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They have a lot of charisma! Where can I read your story? :3

Happy 2017!~
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Thank you! I havent started writing them seriously yet but hopefully soon!
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Would you be accepting of fan art of your characters? they look really interesting and i'd love to give them a try :)
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Sure! Feel free! <3
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Cool, thanks i'll let you know when I've gotten round to it!

~ Riko

Anime Face (Friendly eyes)
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Waaaaooo I love seeing OC's!!!!
You draw them so pretty too TTvTT
Where can I read up on Parallel stride ? :>
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Thank youuuu <3
Ah I havent started writing them yet! Only the major storyline are thought up for now but hopefully soon!
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ahh so pretty!
I remember seeing this on IG but glad to find your art here too :iconohdoki:
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Did you not post the story anywhere?
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