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Koene Shiho :NEW:

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

I changed the colours and add the thingy on her sleeves only lol, for colour reference, use this picture ovo;, for her design reference, click the link above~
ask me if you don't understand it xD;
the pale colours made her looks like a ghost--/slapped

Koene Shiho (c) Me
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Cool character; nicely done. :D
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Ah, so pretty! <3
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I like her!

She looks like a Librarian Pirate.
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this is so beautiful~~
i love the colour
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Ur very welcome~~:iconaawplz:
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Shiiiihhhoooo~~~ you forever cute :iconslashshine:
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I like a lot of the little things here, like the long, flowy lock of hair in the back, the cuffs near the wrists, the high collar, and so on. I think you've done plenty to make her look distinct, which is great :b
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Yuu soo proo, I hope I can drawing like this (not steal your style)
you're mouse user?
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yes mousseeeee
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I love her outfit!
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Heeey pleeeeaase make a tutorial of how to draw like thiiiis :>
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I love her design~ :heart: it's so unique~ ^w^
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I like you utau and all, but you change her outfit way too much. It's bothersome when things keep on chaging. Just settle on a design already.
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First of all, thank you for liking them. About that, it would be me to decide. I changed them due to their ACT. And this will be her final design.
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Shiho is so cute QUQ I like how you colored it :D
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Eeeeeeeeeee I really like this design a lot <333
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