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Kisara Blue

For lack of a better title... x_o

*smiles* I'm on a roll today! 3 deviations in one day. ^^ (btw, this probably will -never- happen again.) And it looks like I did manage to get off my lazy butt to get this done. xD

So, here's lovely Kisara. I would love her if she actually had some personality. Poor girl... never got enough screen-time. (LOL TAS) *gets thrown at by tomatoes*

Kisara & Blue Eyes White Dragon (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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I love this! Love 
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Why she poor?
She is undead
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so right that Blue-eyes white dragon is alter-ego of Kisara?
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The Blue eyes white dragon was a monster she could project from herself when she was alive. But you could also say it was her essence as well.
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And now this is Blue eyes projext Kisara yea?
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after death she was reborn into BDE dragon of Kaiba, isn't she?
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:icondragontail1plz:Unique in blue!:deviation:
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Very beautiful! ^^ :heart:
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Absolutely beautiful
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I swear...
Thats so beautiful..
The light effects... really...
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she looks beautiful. and it captures her whole vibe.
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omg, i am a fan of this girl *kisara*
this girl is soo stronger....
nice job!!!
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Wow.. beautiful !

It's amazing picture !
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lol, it's funny how a weak,n personality chick would become the "Legendary Engine of Destruction." XD
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The beauty of this drawing makes my heart sing! I'm glad you managed to get off your "lazy butt" beacuse this masterpiece would have never been done!

You know, I think she does have personality. She is the Blue-Eyes Whi Dragon right? I beleive Kisara was as strong and marveling as the Blue-Eyes; I mean it! ^^ :)
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sorry,but that kisara didnt look like a girl.... :p
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Wow, blue eyes looks sweet!
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Incredible work! It's gorgeous! I :heart: Kisara and the Blue Eyes White Dragon.
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