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Winged deity  by RaeRae120 Winged deity :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 8 0 quick sketch  by RaeRae120 quick sketch :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 3 0 eh by RaeRae120 eh :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 3 0 Skyler  by RaeRae120 Skyler :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 0 0 Eye  by RaeRae120 Eye :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 1 0 Cerin  by RaeRae120 Cerin :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 1 0 Amethyst fan art  by RaeRae120 Amethyst fan art :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 2 5 Scarlet  by RaeRae120 Scarlet :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 2 0 i dont have a name for it yet by RaeRae120 i dont have a name for it yet :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 1 0 Airyssa  by RaeRae120 Airyssa :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 1 2 Raven ( re - draw ) by RaeRae120 Raven ( re - draw ) :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 4 8
72 hours
I'm really nervous about telling them about this , I was post to find someone already I was sure that I would before the prophecy but I guess thats what you get when your the daughter of a demon people tend to stay away from me ...ether way I have to come clean and tell them I shouldn't be nervous about this , but what if they dont want to be my friends anymore due to this ..i caused to much trouble already with my other prophecy, the might not want to help after all Robi- I mean nightwing and Starfire are with child now I mean this is very dangerous for them ......maybe i shouldn't tell them I'm sure I can fall in love with someone in 72 hours right I can do this ...but I also need their help I can't not be there for their wedding or the birth of their child it wouldn't be right would it ....i cant leave them now I guess I'm going to have to tell them perhaps they will still be my friends after this , besides I can't leave Garfeild just yet I have some things I want to tell him first
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48 hours
Let me tell you why i only have 48 hours to propose to the women I love all started when she was finally geting over that dragon dude thing i dont really know what he was but she was getting over him ...then she started dating Max that goth boy that runs the old book store seemed pretty obivous why she would date him she wanted someone who understood her even better than she did , only the problem was he used her for publicity only due to she was a super hero saveing the world in all ..soon she realized what he was doing and -and she mentally lost it ..she broke down like a train run off of train station , it was alfull it effected all of us expercally me i mean it just wasnt the same ..she wasnt the same that boy he hurt my Raven , Do you know what its like to have a beast inside of you that yerns for its mate but he cant have that because she is with someone else it honestly hurts a lot it hurts when I wake up alone it hurts when i think of her with another man touching her la
:iconraerae120:RaeRae120 0 3
48 hours
48 hours to i ask the love of my life to marry me , how did i know she was the one, you  ask , i've known my whole life from the moment i met her  5 years ago when we were just teenagers. , trying to save the world ,I know it sounds crazy but you can tell just by being with that person like you feel it every time your around them. 48 more hours till i ask her the  question i've been waiting to ask ......hopefully she will  say yes
:iconraerae120:RaeRae120 0 9
expected events
  They had another fight , it's been like this for months on end she started to wonder if they were truly meant to be , any time he seen her with Garfield,he got jealous and overprotective it's been two months since he started acting that way it would only be a matter of time before he gets abusive , she was afraid of that, half of her knew she couldn't dare lay a finger on him but the demon with in would kill him the instant he tried to lay a hand on her , Raven knew she had to break it off with Garth , before things got bad
As she and the other titans went to Titans East , she was thinking about what she would say to him , to be honest the only reasons why she brought the other titans with her was for moral support just in case he tried to hit her or summin a shark or something , not that she cou
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Raven's hand  by RaeRae120 Raven's hand :iconraerae120:RaeRae120 1 0


Curiosity Killed The Cat pg 1 by xxtemtation Curiosity Killed The Cat pg 1 :iconxxtemtation:xxtemtation 76 6 Lovers Paradox - Page 54 by pizet Lovers Paradox - Page 54 :iconpizet:pizet 62 73 Lovers Paradox - Page 53 by pizet Lovers Paradox - Page 53 :iconpizet:pizet 60 81 cat person dog person - january art challenge by BabanIllustration cat person dog person - january art challenge :iconbabanillustration:BabanIllustration 355 26 Oof bubleline by KatscooLmeme Oof bubleline :iconkatscoolmeme:KatscooLmeme 2 0 BBRAE Cuddly by OnePiece260 BBRAE Cuddly :icononepiece260:OnePiece260 55 12 Tumblr doodles: BBRae HS au 1 by DiachanX Tumblr doodles: BBRae HS au 1 :icondiachanx:DiachanX 134 3 BBRae: Glad You Were Born by LarynDawn BBRae: Glad You Were Born :iconlaryndawn:LarynDawn 386 42 A heated fight. by elaina96 A heated fight. :iconelaina96:elaina96 5 0 BBRae by Secretie BBRae :iconsecretie:Secretie 102 3
A low blow.
A low blow.
Cyborg bolted forward and quickly grabbed Gizmo, squeezing him with his big muscular metal arms. But Gizmo had a trick up his sleeve and quickly pushed a button on his suit, zapping Cyborg's hardware, leaving him temporarily disabled. “Why you little!...” Cyborg grumbled from the ground as Raven quickly ran to help him.
“Ha, out smarted you there, Gear Head!” Gizmo spat as he jetpacked away.
“Not so fast.” Robin said as he threw a birdarang, hitting dead center on Gizmos jetpack. The birdarang quickly zapped the jetpacks hardware, shortcircuting the machine.
“Hey!” Gizmo hollered as the jetpack died mid flight before he went plummeting to the ground, screaming like the child he was. Starfire quickly caught him mid fall and carried him down as he grumbled and whined, trying to get out of her grasp. Robin quickly approached him with handcuffs and an accomplished smirk on his face.
“You stupid Titans!” Gizmo spat as t
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The Portal Child XIII: Gradually Watermelon
Beast sat on Melvin's bed with his adoptive daughter coloring beside him and turned on his recording camera.
"Hey guys, it's your dad again. So, we're on week 20! Half way there! You're both developing as you should, uh.... Baby B's gender is still a mystery. I dunno how you do that" he chuckled. "It's a little annoying, everybody's placed their bets weeks ago and they're getting impatient."
"Please both be girls!" the girl whined.
"Say hi to your sister..." he turned the camera to show Melvin sitting next to him with a coloring book. "Yup, she's still hoping you're girls."
"But I know I'm not going to be too disappointed, it's still one girl" she grinned.
"That's sweet, Melly."
"I know" she replied immodestly. "What do you want?"
"Ah, we don't care, we're fine with whatever gender Baby B is." Melvin let out a giggle.
"Baby B sounds like Baby Beastie or something. It fits 'cause it's yours." Gar chuckled again.
"You're right." He made a small pause to ponder, then he looked back
:iconmistralka:Mistralka 6 0
spiderboyswillbeboys by she-sells-seagulls spiderboyswillbeboys :iconshe-sells-seagulls:she-sells-seagulls 604 27 Modern Adventure Time by Sapphire1010 Modern Adventure Time :iconsapphire1010:Sapphire1010 1,781 78 ADVENTURE TIME by I3ushidoKuroi ADVENTURE TIME :iconi3ushidokuroi:I3ushidoKuroi 3,927 105



Heyy Guys :happybounce: I was tagged by two People check out their profiles Heart RyuuNutella thepapersandwichHeart 

1. Type down your username or your name vertically.
2. Type the song that randomly just pops in your head (or if you find a song that you know) make sure that the first letter starts with whatever letter you put down.
3. Count the letters that you typed down, and tag the same number of people in your journal.

Let's get started Clap i went with my username cuz im too lazy to find a song for my real name I think I've fainted. 

R-Roses by The Chainsmokers
A-Angle with a shotgun by The Cab 
E-Et by katy perry ft Kanye West 

R-Raise Your Glass by Pink 
A-Angle of Darkness by Alex Christensen
E-Empire by Shakira 

here is the peeps i link to this La la la la Huggle! 
XxScarletxRosexXTT-RS,shock777,pizet,Mistralka,tinkerbell-rae-fan all my favorite writers and artist but im gonna add two more Meow :3 nightglider124 elaina96 Giggle 
 soooo have fun :D (Big Grin) 


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I'm not that good of an artist yet but I want to learn its my dream to be a artist


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