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Such Lovely Eyes You Have - BW

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Published: December 2, 2005
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Nehinah has a thing for beautiful eyes.

I'm going to color this, but I feel the inked version can stand on it's own.
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AlanzaHobbyist General Artist
:D yes very lovely eyes ;D
Mairim's avatar
:wow: that's amazing! lovin the details!
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StarMasayumeProfessional Digital Artist
This is stunning -- I love the detail in the shading and the background! ^__^
Ewockers89's avatar
Ewockers89 Photographer
wonderful job w/ the details.
i am envious of your talent.
danihana's avatar
danihanaHobbyist General Artist
*gasp* Beautiful! That kicks my inked drawings asses. All of them!

Wonderful use of shading and cross-hatching.
onlyon2sdays's avatar
O_O..too beautiful!
Akkiko's avatar
My lord, the background is mind boggling! :D
I lurves it. :3
Nicely done!
angoukohaku's avatar
angoukohakuHobbyist Writer
You stay the hell away from my eyes Nini. >_< He is cute though.
raerae's avatar
raeraeProfessional General Artist
Nini!? Oh my god...Nehinah would torture and kill you and do unmentional things to your corpse if he heard you call him that! XD

It's great.
Artoki's avatar
I love his lips and eyes, he's got a kinda cruel looking expression, and I like it! The details are superb, I think it'll probably still look better as a line art rather than coloured, so I'm glad you uploaded it like this^^
raerae's avatar
raeraeProfessional General Artist
Yeah, I actually really like it like this. Color would probably detract from it, huh?
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mikabotsProfessional General Artist
Hey very nice job, I like the radial design. I know you mentioned that you would color this, but with this version, I think he would stand out a bit more with a thick outline or something. He's already very striking, but it seems to lack something that would separate him from the background.

And I want those boots! 0_0
raerae's avatar
raeraeProfessional General Artist
Thicker lines, hm? All right, thanks for the advice! :D
mystery-of-sorrow's avatar
:clap: i can tell a lot of hard work went into this one! good job!
devouredex's avatar
awsome detail, great use of light and shading, tis cool :D
artangst's avatar
amazing x 10!

You're art is spectacular. what a piece! :worship:
Mardi-Anibus's avatar
Okay, the detail in this is just mind-boggling o__o I can't imagine the patience you must have, man... How LONG did it take you?! I saw the pencil version and the half-inked version, and those on their own were pretty impressive.


He's so pretty ;o; I can never pull off the defined lips thing when I draw guys, even when I want to D: You make it look EASY.
Mardi-Anibus's avatar
Wooooow O: That's a LOT of time. I wish I could say I worked so hard on any of my art. 8D;; It looks like it's totally worth it so far.
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raeraeProfessional General Artist
I dunno...it definantly took me around eight or twelve hours...but that was when I was multitasking and getting distracted, so I'm leaning closer to eight.
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sanely-insaneStudent Traditional Artist
I like eyes too, not so much as to rip them out but eh, wonderful inking. I like the picture. :heart:
NinjaSteph's avatar
woooooooooooooooow! thats soooo pretty!!!
Silver-Falcon's avatar
Silver-Falcon Digital Artist
Definitely very Giger/CLAMPish. I can definitely tell where they got the inspiration for all those "sealed Ashura" scenes in RG Veda...
raerae's avatar
raeraeProfessional General Artist
I know! I find it cool that Clamp had so many varied influences...I mean Giger and Alphonse Mucha, and I could probably find some more....
Silver-Falcon's avatar
Silver-Falcon Digital Artist
Yeah. It kind of takes the mickey out of all those silly people who insist that anime isn't art and can't possibly have artistic merit of its own. :roll:
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