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Line Studies - Kanaya by raequiem Line Studies - Kanaya :iconraequiem:raequiem 45 59 Pailday for Burdge - Light by raequiem Pailday for Burdge - Light :iconraequiem:raequiem 60 18 PAILDAY FOR WIGSEY by raequiem PAILDAY FOR WIGSEY :iconraequiem:raequiem 142 31
Something smelled fantastic.
The aroma hit Karkat like a brick to the face. His brain was frozen on an endless loop of ohmygodwhatisthatohmygodohmygod but his feet were already following the scent down the hall and into the kitchen.
John was just pulling a tray out of the oven. "Oh, hey Karkat!"
Karkat swallowed. "John. What is that. What are you doing."
"What, the cookies?" John reached into a drawer for a spatula and began carefully prying the cookies from the tray. "I'm trying to re-create my Dad's chocolate-chip recipe. You wanna taste-test?" He plopped three cookies onto a plate, and nudged it in Karkat's direction.
He could have said no. He could have made excuses - what's a troll supposed to know about human cookie recipes? He could have done any number of things, except that they smelled so good, and he hadn't had lunch yet, and the rule of never ever ever ever waste food had been impressed on his mind from a young age, and anyway it would just be a
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Decisions, Decisions
It's too much, Rose decides. Just too much to bear.
It was one thing when she was watching some shitty movie with John, because that at least started out with a bunch of other people crowded around the TV and who cares if some of them got bored and wandered off, it was still a group thing, even when it ended up as just the two of them and it was getting late and she was laying her head on his shoulder and he had his arm around hers, and the credits started to roll and she turned to him to say something but forgot because god his eyes are blue. And then she had to get up get out before she did something monumentally stupid like kiss him no no no bad thought worst idea. So she smiled and shook out her skirt as she stood and thanked him for the evening and swept out of the room before he could open his mouth ask her to stay come on one more movie what could it hurt everything, that's what, one more second could ruin fucking everything, so just shut up.
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Of Blood :iconraequiem:raequiem 45 50
Paleshipping by raequiem Paleshipping :iconraequiem:raequiem 46 23 In a Bucket by raequiem In a Bucket :iconraequiem:raequiem 304 93
Bright Eyes - Interlude
Days in the past...
(... but not many...)

This sucks balls. Big, hairy, herpes-infested ones.
Karkat kicks a puddle. It's raining again. Appropriate, he decides. Not that precipitation is ever a surprise, in this area at this time of year. It's been weeks since he's seen the sun. He shivers and pulls his jacket tighter.
"I'm sorry, Karkat."
He whirls, blood pressure spiking. "Shut up. Shut the fuck up right now." He's not mad at her - he's never really mad at Terezi. Just hurting. "It's that bitch of a mother of yours I'm pissed at. Her choice to go away and take you with her."
"Stop talking. Seriously." He's worked up a decent rant, and damn if he's going to let her stop him. "Not like there's any reason for her to stay - Dad's doing fine, she'll make a shit-ton of money, you get to go to that shiny wonderful school - who puts a school for geniuses in the exact center of the goddamn desert, really? - and everyone gets to be happy. Fucking wonderful. Mother of t
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Day 7 - Work by raequiem Day 7 - Work :iconraequiem:raequiem 2 4 Lattice Lace by raequiem Lattice Lace :iconraequiem:raequiem 1 2 Day 1 - Lucky by raequiem Day 1 - Lucky :iconraequiem:raequiem 2 2

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This is a pretty good Lee piece. He's always been a fascinating character to me, and people's interpretations of him in their art alway...



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Since it's infinity times easier to post stuff there than it is here.

None of my Homestuck or Hanna art is there, and you can pretty much bet that if it's here on dA, I won't be reposting it, just because posting old art is SO. BORING. And makes me want to kill myself from how bad it is. (And also I've heard some of my art has already been tumbl'd by other people? Maybe? Bueller?)

But I'm putting a bunch of original stuff up there, especially art-school stuff you probably haven't seen yet! So go follow me! I'll probably follow you back! Exclamation point!

oh my god shut up no one even likes you


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Sweet grubs on a sandwich your stuff is SO GODDAMN GOOD UGH
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If your birthday is in two days like dA says, we have the same birthday :D
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i just...i just love your writing. its so beautiful. please write more :3
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I have to say... Your writing is amazing, I have rarely read any as good as your fics, and your art is beautiful, and you're amazing, and I hope you never stop, because I love you! *glomps*
MrsPersonDino Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
Wow. I recently finished all of Homestuck and only NOW do I understand who all the trolls are XD haha!
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How. In the world. Did I not find you earlier.
I want to favourite allllllll of your art. All of it. JDGA: Resist the Urge actually worked for a change, though, because I don't give them out /that/ easily~
But seriously. Your art is amazing. You are the artist. It's you. And I make far too many Homestuck references these days.
raequiem Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011

Butbut! My gallery is so out of date! I need to post art that is much more better than this!

*suddenly motivated to actually do something*
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Happy birthday, Rae! :3
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Thanks! :D
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