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BLEACH: Yoruichi by Washu-M

The Black Cat hunts at night...

Check out the gorgeous original lineart by =Washu-M, peeps! [link]

I was thrilled to gain permission to color this amazing picture. @__@ Being a big ol' fangirl for Yoruichi, I had to try my hand at coloring it.

I had a loooad of fun with this one too! I tried a different coloring style out again, and I really am pleased with how the colors look. XD Yoruichi and purple = pure win.

Took a backtrack in the coloring of this picture due to ANOTHER computer crash. D8 But once I got going again... I think I finished this over the course of three days. That time includes experimenting with how I wanted to shade it, and I really am glad I took the time to figure it out and not jump to my default coloring style. :'D

And with that, over and out!

Original drawing by =Washu-M
Colors by Me

Yoruichi belongs to Tite Kubo
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I like Yoru, but.... she's scaring me here.....! :iconrunningawayplz:
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This is awsome !!! great job se is my fav character !! <3
UltimateSketchQueen's avatar
haha, nice coloring ;D
Lionsong's avatar
:iconyoruichiplz::iconsaysplz: Your amazing art has been featured! [link] Please :+fav: the article if you enjoy it!
Ruler101's avatar
She looks like she's trying to be scary.
Raenstrife's avatar
^__^ Thank you!
cirdanfay's avatar
this is awseome piece excellent work
Raenstrife's avatar
shihion-fon's avatar
her eyes are kind of scary looking, but in a good way. i love the coloring on her it just looks!! great pic!
goXve's avatar
:wow: I totally love the colors! Suits her perfect! :heart:
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THIS IS PURE AWESOMENESS haha Yoruichi is my fav character from Bleach ^_^ and for my first anime convention i cosplayed as her haha ^_^ favs i wish she was in it more (watching dub version) wendee lee was the only choice they had to use i mean she fits her perfectly (even though i havent heard the sub girls voice)
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Nice everything about this picture is perfect
Raenstrife's avatar
Thank you so much! *.*
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U R very welcome =D
Itzia's avatar
oooooh!!!! perspective and expression are amazing!
punkypeggy's avatar
cool coloring ^^
Raenstrife's avatar
Amrock's avatar
Aw,now that's just wicked!
Lawerin-chan's avatar
she's amazing! I also love her....tryed to cosplay her too, but it didn't come out that well ^ ^"
vampire-yuki's avatar
wow awesome! 0: I love the way you colored it
Raenstrife's avatar
:'D Thanks very much! It was a cool technique to try out -- I'm glad I went with it rather than my usual coloring technique! XD
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