Closing the Book
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Back in January I intended to reboot this page so I could start fresh. All the steps to do so like double-checking the deviations one last time, writing the "welcome Back" journal and such had been on my to-do list for months, but I never got around to it. A few days ago, I realized that every time I thought about logging on to deviantart, it felt like a chore and I wasn't very excited to be here - and that my problem wasn't that I needed to reboot, but that I finally needed to let go. I've been on here for almost 9 years, but after the first 4, I started to get less and less active either because of school, because of extended hiatuses where I wasn't in the mood to draw for months at a time, or I didn't have the motivation to be online and active.

Life is a bit different now. I've finally started medical gender transition (1 month on T!), I'm regularly hanging out with friends and occasionally going to support groups. I've continued to work on my mental health and things continue to improve. And I still draw sometimes when I feel inclined to do so, or I may work on other projects. Right now, I think I just want the space to be able to do a variety of projects without feeling like that it has to be drawing or else it's not worth posting about. I want the space to be able to have casual posts without worrying that it's not artistic enough.

This website was an important part of my life at one point, and I will be glad for the friends I made here and the happiness it brought. But I want to move on to broaden my scope of content without feeling pressured to keep followers. And for right now, that means I don't have a new account for you all to follow. Just know that I'm still out here and things are going well. You might even see my art again, even if it's under a different name, on a new platform. If that happens, I might come back here to let you all know. But for now, I'm closing the book on this part of my life and accepting that this was temporary, and that isn't a bad thing. I'm entering into something newer and bigger now.

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