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mummy hanako

By raemz-desu
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decided to repost this again.
i havent posted KS art in a while anyways.
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There's no denying that Hanako is adorable. This, however, takes it over the top. If cuteness could kill, well, Hisao would have had a heart attack.
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Oh my god, i've draw something that looking exactly the same o.O

But yeah, ok, my draw is'nt better than this one but... o.O

Anyways, very nice draw !
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Wait... So it was Hanako who turned Lucy evil :O


(You get a high five from me if you get that ^)

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Correct me if I'm wrong and I know this was posted/commented a while back but~  is that a Elfen Lied reference? :D
HeWhoLooksAtArt's avatar

You get a *High Five*


Yeah, because purple haired mummy Hanako looks like the purple haired mummy psychotic chick Lucy had a weird dream like conversation with :3

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I KNEW IT!!! * High Fives back*
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Hey! This is freaking great. Literally. Evidently you worked on KS? If so, you're the best.

I used this in a wallpaper to celebrate her birthday, I hope that's okay.
You can see it here, if you want - [link]
I'll take it down if you want me to, no worries~
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The moeness is over 9000!
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Oh my GOD... THIS is Amazing O.O
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I would gladly be killed by that mummy... Hanako Mah Waifu
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awsome! love to see that wheni t rains...;)
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now dress her up as Darkman
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wow , Hanako look both cool and cute ^_^ , on another note , Are you the artist of Hanako from KS? Because your style is identical , and if you are are my hero ;D
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This is legit. The art even suits the style that the game makes every character ought to be. Well done, it really looks like her plus it's just adorable!
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I love you ;-;
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Ah, Maraming salamat pren, Mahal din kita~
Katantoon's avatar
hayop ka pren, stalker ka nyahahahahahahahah
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Perfectly fits ^^
HaruhiSuzumiyaSan's avatar
oh my gawd
that feel <3
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