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happy valentines

By raemz-desu
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valentines from KS!
even though it already passed.
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I had this as my desktop picture last February. :)

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After playing the game...

My feels are barely intact.
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I found this on the Shimmie and came here to Fave it, soo glad I found it!
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awwww! he cant move his arms!
thats so cute!
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This is absolute delight <3
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I felt so sad in game that I never got to see Rin in other clothes... she looks so cute!
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So cute...And I like how Rin's doing the delicate work with the icing on the cake too!
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Oh god... my heart..
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Why can't I hold all this hnng.
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I love this picture! The friendship aspect of this game is part of the reason I am so eager to play it.
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ahhh how touching~
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Wow, my favourite girls making a cake together!

Combined they make an awesome team!
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What anime is this?
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They're from a Dating Sim called "Katawa Shoujo" You can download the free demo of Act 1.
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Why thank you for the information. =) And I apologize if I served as a bother. =D
Lonetukasa's avatar
Not at all, happy to help!
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I love these two so much. <3
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it's beautiful~! :heart::heart:
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