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Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo cover for a booklet done for Comitia 96 (it's a bit old now so it should be fine to post now, and i brightened it a bit)

cover design:
me - hanako, lilly, emi, colors
~moekki - shizune, hisao, rin, background colors

The booklet had the following artists also:

We're gonna have an entirely different booklet for comiket 80
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Emi, always Emi for me.
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I've never understood why Shizune's skirt is so short.  Everyone else wears either pants or a normal-sized skirt, but for some reason, the rules-obsessed Student Council representative gets away with a barely there miniskirt.  That's GOTTA be against the dress code.
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This is one of the sweetest games ever!
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I've loved this cover for a long time because it looks so... normal. It de-emphasizes their disabilities without totally hiding them. Plus, happy Hanako.
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This is one of those VN where you go "T^T I PROMISED MYSELF NOT TO CRY GODDAMMIT"
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You forgot Misha! :'(
Wow, this picture is so nice. I am just Lets Playing it and so far I really love the game, it is really sweet.

Espacially Hanako looks nice in this picture. Her facial expression while reading the book is so cute^^
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This was a beautifully made game.
Very rare for me to shed manly (alright, girly as shit) tears experiencing other people's stories. Lilly's and Hanako's story arch really got to me.
I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to let myself go, and can't help but feel a little envious of Hisao, as wierd as that may sound.

The rest of the stories were also pretty good but none of them could really match those of Lilly and Hanako. I commend the associated artists thereto :iconclapplz:

Though, had it not been for Misha's appearance then Shizune's story arch seemed almost boring, and annoying at times. The romance was near non-existent as if the writer(s) decided to focus on anything else other than their relationship together and then sort of plastered it in, after the story had been written, as a secondary (tertiary perhaps?) priority. I am not saying it was a bad story, it had other areas of focus. But still it paled in comparison to the others. I am in fact slightly saddened by this now, and was so playing through it.
The growing courtship between them and the means Hisao was willing to undergo was initially stimulating and I really looked forward to a climax but it never came - it just sort of randomly ended in an unfulfilling scene, with the only future reminders of this newly formed relationship (halfway into her story arch) being the occasional and slightly awkward sex scenes. Without spoiling too much for other people (I know I already have some by now), her story ceased to be romantically stimulating the moment Hisao confessed. I guess the reason I say this is because the rest were so good I got disappointed experiencing her story.

But given it was a free game and that everything else worked out spectacularly I can't exactly complain :) 9/10
I know there won't be a sequal but damn would I be willing to spend money on one, even if there were to be a shizune alike story included :D
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Those girls truly are cuties despite their disabilities.
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I appreciate this game so much. The title is somewhat offensive.. But it is a great game in itself. Always makes me cry from mixed feelings every single time I play it. This artwork is perfect!
This is well drawn, and portrays the characters well.
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I'm guessing Misha isn't here because you can't actually end with her? lol
Yah, I was wondering where Misha was, lol. Shizune is looking awfully lonely there by herself, haha. And why is Rin all by herself? Shouldn't Emi be dragging her by her sleeve? haha
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Great image!  I often wonder. If Katawa were ever done like Kanon, who's story line would have been the main thrust.
Thanks for all the work guys.
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Beautiful picture.

Hisao, fifty bucks to let me trade places with you for, like, ten seconds.
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First try I got Hanako, wasn't even aiming for her I was aiming for Rin until I saw Hanako~
I know this is an ultra late reply, but I hope you eventually did the Rin's path. That one is the craziest one. So many twist and turns and so many wonderful moments in that one...
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It's beautiful!
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That fight between Shizune and Lilly. Best part of the game.
Of course I've only gotten through half of Shizune's path and nobody else's, so that's probably going to change.
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D'aww... Well, I'm one of those who can only ever stand playing through one of the routes.
In my case I went for Emi, who just hit all the feels ^^
Very nice, I really enjoy seeing them all together (Emi looks especially cute in this)!
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I like how Rin is a little distant from the rest ... the way she stand there dreamy as she is really fits her little persona

I love this I really do, this made me very happy thank you.
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