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Sage of Falvos

A steam-sage patrolling some enigmatic forest.

Software used: 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop: 95% Complete.

Passes used in editing/composite.

Mech originally based off concept by VulnePro

Photo by perost blended for left BG composite.
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For this piece, I honestly believe you should make the colors a tad brighter and the resolution sharper. The image itself can look a tad muddy and faded. Other than that, I honestly like it.
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Also, were you provided with a model sheet? Or did you just have that one image for reference?
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Just that one image. I used the design as the character basis, and then built on it from there.
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That is amazing man, to build an entire model from nothing else, just one image.
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The passes are amazing. Can you tell me the names/types of passes?
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Thanks. =} And yes. Although one of the 'passes' is also just re-edit pass outside of the vray/max engine. On the compositing side of things, I don't compile passes in an entirely linear fashion; my process of creating the final still is mostly intuitive/creative.

From left to right:

'Beauty' Pass; gothic oil pass-edit; rawReflection; reflectionFilter; rawGI; VrayDiffuse/shadows; VrayLighting; rawTotalLighting; rawRefraction; VrayReflection; Specular; Zdepth; RenderID.
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wow love the design!
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wow !very cool!
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add some dirt and scratch could be awesome.
Already love it anyway:)
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dude looks freaking badass! gj!
ThierryCravatte's avatar
Great model and excellent 'blending' work !
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Very creative!
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Very cool!, so intricate and imaginative :)
very nice ! maybe you should consider make the character to pop out a bit more ?
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great job at first i thought it was a painting
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looking good so far!
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No wonder it looked familiar, you did a great job with it
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