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QuackerJack Amnesia AU Doodle Dump by RaeLogan QuackerJack Amnesia AU Doodle Dump :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 3 0 Late Night Movie by RaeLogan Late Night Movie :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 4 0 Closer Than You Know by RaeLogan Closer Than You Know :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 12 11 Midafternoon Text by RaeLogan Midafternoon Text :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 3 0
White Noise (Chapter 4 of 4)
Claire was staring at the television in a state of shock. A mug of coffee was gripped tightly in both hands, and she continued to watch the screen, feeling a sick sensation spread throughout her.
There was a man hunt alert issued throughout the city, announcing that there had been an escaped high risk convict from the St. Canard Penitentiary, and she knew, she just knew before the mug shot was put on the screen, who it was.
Wanted Criminal
Do Not Approach
These words flashed across the bottom of the screen in red letters, and Claire set her mug down on the side table and dropped herself into her armchair, a hand to her mouth in shock.
They had it all wrong. Jacky wasn't dangerous, at least not when he was at ease. He'd never shown any real violent tendencies around her, in fact, she could not recall if he'd ever actually raised a hand at her. Yes, he had difficulty handling frustration, but more often than not, he'd take it out in himself, which was
:iconraelogan:RaeLogan 2 0
White Noise (Chapter 3 of 4)
It had been weeks, and it seemed that any leads on where QuackerJack was had gone cold.
Claire had scoured every newspaper, every online article, every newcast that aired, trying to find something, a clue maybe, anything that could have sounded like something he'd have done.
She continued to call up the crime department regularly, inquiring about any progress on locating QuackerJack. And every time, she was met with the same answer of how there had been very little headway. She was beginning to wonder if they were even trying.
She was now in an elevator at the QuackWerks conglomerate building, heading for the earnings department, where she had hope for someone who might have an idea as to how to find her boyfriend.
The elevator dinged and the doors slid open as a short, tired looking duck in a sweater vest shuffled past her, and nodded at her in acknowledgement as he stepped in while she stepped out.
This department was packed with cubicles as well, but it seemed that there was two wor
:iconraelogan:RaeLogan 1 0
White Noise (Chapter 2 of 4)
QuackerJack honestly had more fun with it than he originally thought it was going to be. Cutting and trimming papers of so many different colors and patterns, arranging them in lovely little collages on the pages, decorating with stickers and sparkly strips of special tape.
It was very much like arts and crafts when he was a child. And oh so cathartic.
"I feel like I'm almost cheating here..." He snorted. "They told me not to do anything work related, but this is almost as nice as working on toy designs."
Claire was leaning over his shoulder with her arms draped around his neck, watching him trim small pieces of paper and use a glue stick to paste them onto larger pieces to create a cut out papercraft of a fuzzy bear.
"You're really good at this, I could never get pieces that small without scrunching them or getting them bunched up with glue." She said, nudging her head into his.
"I've got a lot of experience working with really tiny doodads and whatsits, I just have nimble fingers fro
:iconraelogan:RaeLogan 2 0
White Noise (Chapter 1 of 4)
"Jacky? Jacky!"
QuackerJack jolted awake with a startled gasp, feeling as though something had a vice-like grip on his racing heart as he coughed and clawed at his chest in a desperate attempt to catch his breath. He felt a pair of hands grab his shoulders and shake him with a frantic rhythm, and he was so very confused and panicked, his mind was reeling with an intense feeling that he didn't understand where it had come from.
He shouted and kicked his right leg, then heard a sharp cry of pain when his foot connected with something. This noise dragged some of his sense back to him, and he blinked rapidly as he tried to sort out what was going on.
His head was tilted back and he was staring straight up at a ceiling, and a fan that hung from it was on and spinning. Tearing his mesmerized attention from the fan, he clenched his teeth and rolled his head forward and was met with the sight of his girlfriend, Claire, hopping on one foot with a hand on the shin of the raised leg. It did not t
:iconraelogan:RaeLogan 2 0
Snow in St. Canard by RaeLogan Snow in St. Canard :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 2 0 THE FLOOR IS LAVA by RaeLogan THE FLOOR IS LAVA :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 5 2 Ask A Question by RaeLogan Ask A Question :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 7 6 Nyah by RaeLogan Nyah :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 4 1 White Noise (Cover) by RaeLogan White Noise (Cover) :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 10 1 Resolution by RaeLogan Resolution :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 6 5 Toys by RaeLogan Toys :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 6 3 White Noise doodles  by RaeLogan White Noise doodles :iconraelogan:RaeLogan 7 1


Random Favourites

Eevee Sculpture: Collage by ClayPita Eevee Sculpture: Collage :iconclaypita:ClayPita 270 78 Kuro - Shinigami glasses by Tenshi-no-Hikari Kuro - Shinigami glasses :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 7,655 659
Teaching Darkness Infection Chapter 7
Date:  June 11, 2007
Time:  5:59 PM
Location:  Westopolis, Hope's Hospital for the Mentally Ill, Room 263

".... Stupid kid... always causing problems... if anyone deserves this nuthouse, he does..."
The hot pink mink glanced in disgust at the young shade sitting at his desk chair, giggling like someone high on laughing gas.  He was gnawing on one of the pencils from the pencil cup, and had chewed it almost completely through.  The rest of the room was a disaster area; Dark's toys were strewn all around the room, the table with the chest set was knocked over, with the pieces scattered across the floor, and the lamp had been knocked over.  Nothing had been broken beyond repair other than the curtains, which were cut into different, whimsical shapes.
"They don't pay me enough for this job..."
Grabbing hold of the shade's arm, she swabbed it with rubbing alcohol and prepared to insert the needle.  A shot of what s
:iconstarprincess13:Starprincess13 4 10
Doodles durdurdur by Puple-Chaos Doodles durdurdur :iconpuple-chaos:Puple-Chaos 7 19 mephiles custom by Discord120 mephiles custom :icondiscord120:Discord120 14 11 Slow transformation by KakashisGirl17 Slow transformation :iconkakashisgirl17:KakashisGirl17 52 32 Time by idolnya Time :iconidolnya:idolnya 1,553 262 Evolution Stamp by HentekoMekura Evolution Stamp :iconhentekomekura:HentekoMekura 27 8 --+ EXPRESSIONS TUTORIAL by TeaDino --+ EXPRESSIONS TUTORIAL :iconteadino:TeaDino 5,720 388 Mephiles The Dark by itsHelias94 Mephiles The Dark :iconitshelias94:itsHelias94 162 15 Sir Jacklelocke by Hell-Raiser13 Sir Jacklelocke :iconhell-raiser13:Hell-Raiser13 8 2
Teaching Darkness Infection Chapter 6
Date:  June 11, 2007
Time:  1:09 AM
Location:  Westopolis,   35, West 26 Street

Hurts... what happened...?
Head got bashed... by who...?
Hurts... everything hurts...
Something's wrong... very, very wrong...
Get up... I have to get up...
Wh-why is the floor wet?  
Is that... b-blood!?
Wh-what happened he—M-MEPHY!
H-he won't wake up... MEPHY, PLEASE!  YOU CAN'T DIE!
...Why...?  Why this...?  Why...?
...We were finally a family...

Despite the cries and sleeptalking—more like sleepshouting, really—no one came running to see what was wrong.  Though his frightened voice pierced through the silence that should be present at one in the morning, the Mobian occupants of the house merely shut their bedroom door and went back to sleep.  Since their cha
:iconstarprincess13:Starprincess13 4 8
:gift: Raelogan speed paint -vid link- by The-Great-Bunbutchi :gift: Raelogan speed paint -vid link- :iconthe-great-bunbutchi:The-Great-Bunbutchi 5 5 Pokemon Awkward: 99 Problems and Limbs are One by DarkKenjie Pokemon Awkward: 99 Problems and Limbs are One :icondarkkenjie:DarkKenjie 6,332 687


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If you want, DA points can be given to me here:…

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By the way, this is a story I put out that's set in the comics, and apparently I guess it's been positively received by readers (I've gotten quite a few personal messages complimenting it), so I guess I did a good. It's a drama story, but y'all know my style anyway. :meow:

That said, I might revisit this pairing and fic timeline, this was fun to do. QuackerJack is honestly fun to write for in the way I like to write. :D


QuackerJack Amnesia AU Doodle Dump
On Tumblr, I kinda created a Darkwing Duck AU idea that works a bit off of the "White Noise" story, but instead of following the canon ending of the "Toy With Me", it changes it to where QuackerJack gets amnesia after that window drop, and here's some of the doodles I've drawn as part of it

In short, it's pretty much that QuackerJack doesn't turn himself into a doll like he did in "Toy With Me" because he was unable to continue that line of thought, and essentially everything in his memory from the moment he "snapped" at QuackWerks to when he fell out of the Whiffle Boy Entertainment office window in the comic timeline, has been effectively wiped from his brain because of the konk on his head.

The idea here is to give a chain of events for QuackerJack ("Jacky") to be able to recover from that downward spiral and let him stay with Claire eventually (because I love this pairing), while also allowing him to be reunited with Mr. Banana Brain, and this is basically a Redemption Arc with a dash of "one of my favorite plot lines from Sonic tossed in for good measure" and a smidge of "haven't I used this concept before elsewhere?".

I have descriptions for each doodle on Tumblr, but don't hesitate to ask me about a specific one here, or any other things... I'm developing a short story for this, alongside "It Started With a Laugh"

Also featuring: My headcanon for QuackerJack's hair, which I'd like to think of it as downy feather fuzz because he's a Duck.

Assembled this all with a few mobile apps, so it's not completely in order, but it looks presentable. Maybe I'll get the laptop out sometime this month and fix it later, but I don't feel like dragging it out right now. :meow:
Late Night Movie
A scribble I did of QuackerJack and Claire having a movie night.

Looks like QuackerJack fell asleep partway through the movie, though. Tired boy.

((Honestly, I wish the comics had really explored this pairing more. It's got a lot of cute potential, even though the only real image we got of them together is that photograph Claire keeps on her side table. But that smile QuackerJack has in it is too pure and this is my OTP in Darkwing now.))
Closer Than You Know

A scene from Chapter 3 of “It Started With a Laugh”, in which QuackerJack takes a late night walk, gets lost in a different district in St. Canard, gets stuck, and meets a duck that seems strangely familiar but he just can’t quite place how.

This is my first time drawing Drake, by the way (alongside the infamous “standard urban groceries” trope), first time drawing a sitting position like that, and first time drawing a sewer grate in the ground.

Lot of firsts. 

Anyway, while I did draw this because I wanted to, I also wanted to sneakily promote the fic, so here ya go~

I really love the idea of possibly Drake having encountered QuackerJack during the one year disappearance of Darkwing. And I like the idea of Drake having to mask the possibility that he’s in fact Darkwing, when face-to-face to the one guy who probably could have figured it out on context clues if he actually took the time to look at all the information he’s inadvertently gathered in the episodes where it should have been a bit obvious.

So close, Jacky, you were so, so close…

Midafternoon Text
One day looking down on sunny skies 
Wishing your life into mine 
Why am I confined so high
In this costume that makes me cry? 
I sit here praying that my dream 
Will come and save me from this scene 
I hope that there will be a day 
Where I could join you straight away

Dunno what I was going for with the clothes, but whatever, I’m pleased with this. :meow:

Teaser doodle for an upcoming chapter in the prequel for that one QuackerJack and Claire story I put up here earlier, and the aforementioned prequel is on my FF page, so you probably already know that one anyway. XD



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