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Wonder Woman KOed by The Fresno Nightcrawler COLOR


Scenario Commissioned by ( :icongytalf2000: ) 

70's Wonder Woman(Lynda Carter) imperiled by cryptid creature that has actually been reported and even purportedly caught on camera in the last few years.
"The Fresno Nightcrawler"...

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nightcrawler : now must remove head wear and to tie her up

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Yes, he'll do!

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That is outstanding work. Love the idea of the scene as well

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Thank you so much for your words!

This scene keep the flavoered silver age at the same time modern computer colors!

:D :D


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The colors jump off the screen. Love that version of Wonder Woman as well--the Lynda Carter outfit.

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As I mentioned to gytalf2000

Lynda Carter is very inspiring!!

others WW versions really has no the same level of impact in comicbooks and live action superhero history


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This is an eye-poppin' treat, fer sure! What a spectacular peril scenario! Wonder Woman is just so gorgeous, and the Fresno Nightcrawler looks like a dreadfully-dangerous beastie!

My depictions of the critter are positively innocuous compared to RaelIAK's version :

Here are more depictions of this odd cryptid at Deviant Art :

So much great fun! And now RaelIAK has added to the beastie's mythos with this groovy-an'-wunnerful pic!

Ya did great, RaelIAK! You're a brilliant artist!

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Hello David:

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Simply I did my best for portrait the REAL Wonder Woman.

Miss Carter is very inspiring!!!

Now, in 2020, we're traveling in time for wacth this new villain(no present in the 70's) defeating our heroine...


Best Regards!

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