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Commission: Sparrowhawk KOed-2

Scenario commissioned by ~gytalf2000.

Sparrowhawk is defeated by the villain The Fink. he is using a "powered-up" glove to punch Sparrowhawk out cold!
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Otherwise his Chances were small, but it is good that there is a Q-Walmart for Heroine-hunting Tools.
"THUK". Way to go Fink. Now that you've knocked the shapely Sparrowhawk out, throw her in that shipping crate.
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Great comments!!.. Thank you!

:D :D :D
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muy bueno O_O,... me encantan las texturas!! se ven ke son a mano y eso las hace mucho mas interesantes, bueno menos el piso ke se ve como una textura digital. un saludo

pd: postea esto en el forum ;)

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Gracias por el comentario.
Sí, en la textura del piso buscaba representarlo sucio. Muy bien lo pondré en la sección de Guest Artists del Forum. Ahi podremos comentarlo mas ampliamente!;)
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Thanks for this fantastic "superheroine-in-KO-peril" commission, RaelIAK. You did a really superb job on my sexy heroine -- Sabrina looks terrific as she is getting KOed!
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You're welcome!

I'm very pleased with yours words, specially about your heroine. :D :D
is that a condom on his head? and as close to a reverse wonderwoman as possible?
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No, that is my superheroine, Sparrowhawk. She is based on Kate Jackson's "Sabrina Duncan" character in the original "Charlie's Angels" TV show.

Here are some more pics of her, getting into a lot of KO peril:

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a condom! no, no :lol:
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