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Commission: Sabrina Koed by Captain Radl -COLOR

Captain Radl has another mission, never seen on TV previously!!...
Sabrina Duncan is the target, he must bring her back alive. for Gytalf2000 Devilish 
Scenario Commissioned by ( :icongytalf2000: ) :D (Big Grin)
Penciling ver: 

Commission: Sabrina Koed by Captain Radl -PENCILS

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Gorgeous image. Great KO!!
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Wow! que puedo decir? excelente como siempre!!
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Hola: Esperaba tu comentario.
Me alegra que te haya gustado
Muchas gracias hermano,
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Ouch! She's going to be out cold with a hit like that. Great job :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the compliments on my drawing! 
Glad to read you like this scenario!! 
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You're welcome! I'm not familiar with the characters though, but from what I understand they used to be popular in the 1970s?
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Sabrina Duncan is one of "Charlie's Angels" (played by the actress Kate Jackson) :…

I based my character Sparrowhawk on this lovely brunette!

Captain Radl is a character from the 1970s "Wonder Woman" TV show. He was played by John Saxon.

Here is a Youtube video featuring the character :…

He's the guy in the red shirt that winds up chloroforming Wonder Girl (played by Debra Winger).
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Thanks for the heads-up! The only version of Charlie's Angels I'm somewhat familiar with is the remake movie with Bill Murray :/

You have pretty cool characters man, and a great imagination.
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No problem! If you ever feel like discussing ideas/KO scenarios sometimes, I'd be up for that.
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An astounding KO-Peril pic, RaelIAK!  You did a fantastic job with both characters. Sabrina looks sexy as hell, and Captain Radl looks menacing as he sends the gorgeous, scantily-clad detective to sleep! Beautiful!
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Thank you so much for your kind words!! 
and Thanks for gave me the chance to introduce my interpretation of Captain Radl, as guest star,  in the Gytalfverse!!
:D :D :D 
Sorry for Sabrina, her sunbathing was interrupted!! Devilish 
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Well, this kind of thing happens to sexy Sabrina all the time. She's likely pretty accustomed to it, by now.
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