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COMMISION: The Wasp Ko'ed by

This is another scenario commissioned by ~gytalf2000.

The Wasp is under predicament. The evil Stink-bug uses his trademark weapon, a gas with a very powerful odor, for get the Brave Heroine!.
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wonderful idea and execution.

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One of my favorite gas pictures EVER!
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credits to Gytalf2000 he is the one who imagined this scenario.

Thank you for your comments!
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This is cool, my mom is sayin' it looks li9ke he's gropin' her bum but i don't think so
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Listen to your Mom, she is wise!
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The way the gas comes out of his nose is classic as well!
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This is my approach to the classic Silver age peril situation interpenetrating ~gytalf2000 request.

Silver age was outstanding :#1: not only comics also Tv shows and Movies
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Amen, brother. You're right about that! I love the classic stuff!
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Very good job, dynamic
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Excellent artwork. Her pose is great and she looks very pretty.
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Thanks for Your Comments, I appreciate so much :) :)
The style and coloring reminds me of Dave Stevens' early '80's art. Considering his bondage scenes of Bettie Page, I think he would've appreciated your work. :)
What medium did you use? Markers?
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I didn't notice similitude with the David Steven. He is one of all time favorites!

Coloring process: computer colors with Photoshop CS2

best regards
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Great gassing scene!
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Great Pic! I love way you're lighting highlights the drama of Wasp losing conscousness! :Love:
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Thank you very much "Señora Mike"

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Oh, You're very welcome! Please feel free to call me Molly! :love:

You are a Genesis and Peter Gabriel fan, perhaps...?
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OK, I'll call you Molly :D

Yes, I'm a huge Genesis Fan, I love their Prog-Rock music since the first day I hear them on the radio. The storytelling of Gabriel, Hackett on guitar, Mike on Bass, of Course, the Drums of Phil, and Tony Banks the most underrated Lyricist and keyboardist on Rock History !!
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Your Deviant ID with Rael and the cover to "The Lamb Lies Down" were my clues. I've seen Genesis 3 times, twice while Peter Gabriel was still with them in the line up you mention above. The second time they were touring with "the lamb".:)

You are not only a fine artist, you have excellent taste in Music. Peter Gabriel remains one of my favorite musicians to this day (nothing against the others). :love:
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Wow,you are very lucky to watch on stage the original band roster in the 70's. I was in kinder garden when Genesis release "the Lamb":). Genesis didn't ever came to my country. The lamb is one of the Best ever prog-rock album,it was previous Pink Floyd's The Wall. The character Rael is puerto rican. dominican and puertorican shares the same origins. I appreciate so much your words!!
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I say what I think, RaelIAK. I am always so pleased when I come across someone like you. The one good thing about getting older is that I've accumulated some great experiences and memories.

The first time I saw Genesis, Peter Gabriel was carried onto the stage in a costume with robes and a big head peice by the road crew that was setting up equipment. He was made up and remained so still that everyone thought it was a life-like mannequin that was one of the props on stage. The first song was "Watcher of the Skies" and with a big flash of light, the mannequin came to life and started singing. Incredible! That will always be my favorite memory of Peter and Genesis.
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Getting experience and growing is GREAT!!
In my early childhood I heard Genesis on AM radio I barely remember "The Silent Sun" I was 4 year I didn't have no idea Who or what he was singing! When I was older I met them again but Phil was the Frontman!

I watched Genesis's videos, their old Concert were a Great Experience!
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