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Oh well. It's been three years since I created my profile and I never really used it. Time to change a bit.

So, what happened during those three years ? I studied cinema like I told you. I drew a bit, mostly these last months. I took some photos. I wrote a few stories. And that's all. Not that much.

This time I'll try to stay a bit and to show you what I do. Enjoy !
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First of all, I'm French, so my English is probably a bit weird sometimes. But I'm here to practice, toO.

Well, that's not the most important. Let's begin with the beginning.

I'm a boy, eighteen years old since February 1st. Oh, and my computer I passed my bac, and I'm going to study cinema. To become script writer. I want to create animation movies that could lead anyone to the dreamland. Well, actually, my own dream is to write the best story ever. Nice, uh ? What ? Who said "completely childish and impossible" ? Well, you're absolutely right. But still I'll try to reach that goal. If not tomorrow, in fifty years.

(Well, actually, I think I'll abandon it before. Fifty years, it's quite a while.)

So : I like writing (but only in French, of course. Perhaps one day I'll try to write something in English, but not today.) Maybe you'll see one or two stories of mine. Maybe old stories, maybe new ones. I don't know yet.
I also like drawing and taking photos. I'm not bad at drawing when I take the time, but I'm not patient enough to consider myself as a drawer. That's why I will show you what I do - it may encourage me to try harder. That's also why I take photos. I know the real good photographers have special cameras, I know they search for the right point of view, or landscape, or anything else during hours. I just use my phone, or my compact, to photograph what I see at the moment. Most of the time, it's blurred, but from time to time I manage to take a nice photo.

So, what will you find here ? Photos, one or two little drawings. Maybe stories. Actually, I don't really know yet. But I hope you'll enjoy it.

See you later !
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