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My entry for the Colossus Contest.

.......... Casi no lo termino, pero bueno.. acá está..

FIRE Colossus

Hope you like it!.
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why do I imagine him with od sice guy's voice?
SilverQuetzalcoatl's avatar
it vaguely reminds me of the earth titan from the hercules movie, except a whole lot better.
KFSilverwind's avatar
looks like malphite. o3o
judging from the landscape and the four volcanoes on his back, imma say this guy is at least a mile tall, more likely two.
Silvanteer's avatar
4 volcanoes on the back of a lava-puking collossus. This is freakin' fiery-awesome! :la:
Solly2kings's avatar
Love the artwork! Great concept!
Impresionante richi
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Thereaverofsouls's avatar
Ummmmmm.... this is so much better than the winning death themed colossus...
RAEH's avatar
Thanx, I'm glad you like it!
MrJumpManV4's avatar
no more burritos for him.
RAEH's avatar
I don't think he eats burritos LoL, but THX for the comment.
tamst's avatar
Love his little minions! :D
ElectricFred's avatar
This is extremely awesome! Reminds me alot of the earth titan from Disney Hercules xD
RAEH's avatar
Thanx dude!,
coldLord's avatar
I like the concept of those little fire elementals it's spewing out.
Cryptic-Dark's avatar
that is insanely detailed o.o
the craggy body looks fantastic. not to mention the fiiyyaahhhh
RAEH's avatar
Thanx dude.., I'm glad you like it. Cheers!
TheKiller7's avatar
La ilustración es increíble, menudo nivel que te gastas con la iluminación. El bicho tal vez es demasiado grande y todo, pedazo monstrenco del copón.
RAEH's avatar
Gracias amigo., que bueno que te guste!.
it's very detailed, wonderful job! but the fire looks like just a red rock, i think it need a more bright color and glow :)
RAEH's avatar
I think you are talking about the lava..., And the lava isn't more than heat rocks hehe... Really, the illustration has a little parts of fire as such.
I'm talking about both the lava and the fire, but I'm generalizing it as fire :D
what I mean is it doesn't look really hot and fluid, like I said before, like a red rock :D
anyway, it's still a great artwork! :love:
ChassyGirl's avatar
Reminds me of Disney's Hercules and the titans Hades releases lol Great work!
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