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Subscription down the drain

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 8, 2010, 10:09 AM

Whoop de doo... my subsription is about to expire in a couple of days, anyone have any extra points they might want to get rid of for a noble cause? :blushes: I got a taste of honey and now I have a sweet tooth... :P

Cheers and beers to ya all!

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Feature #2

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 15, 2010, 9:41 AM

Hi guys!

A little late with this feature, but I have been having some issues at home with renovating the place. So... this feature is for a guy who has always managed to pleasantly surprise me with his stunning photographs.
He's :iconchriskaula: from Germany.

I have been watching him for quite awhile and I will tell you this: his work is worth browsing. If you're not convinced, check out these samples from his gallery:

:thumb124132042:  :thumb171897544: :thumb122397541:
:thumb134594284:  :thumb171803245:  :thumb162018818:
:thumb142158009:  :thumb161470367:  :thumb134432740:

These having been said, I invite you to take a look though his gallery and feast your eyes, 'cause it's not easy selecting just a few of all his works.

Cheers to you all!
Radu L.

Updates and feature #1

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 18, 2010, 1:50 AM

Hello fellow deviants and friends!

Seing as how it's the first time I have a subscription, I wanted to help promote some of you out there and decided to start a weekly feature, which will consist basically of an artist's work appearing in my journal with a short description of what I think of that person's deviations and skills.

So here it goes, the first feature is dedicated to: :iconhypnothalamus: .

It's a bit ballzy to march on streight ahead and feature such a wonderful artist, seing as how I don't have the necessary know-how to describe his great work, but my watchers deserve to know about what he does. As someone commented on his page, every new submission from him is a new surprise, you may expect it to be something and then it catches you by surprise and dazzles your mind with superb conceptual work which he mostly does in ballpoint pen and then eventually gives a great make-up in Photoshop. Now, without further ado, I give you the work of Lucian Staculescu:

These having been said, I invite you to take a look though his gallery and feast your eyes.

Cheers to you all!
Radu L.


For those of you who forgot who I was or if was still alive, I'm back with deviations and I salute you.

This time however, since I can't find the time or inspiration to go traditional with pencils and paper and seeing as how web interfaces and such digital media has taken most of my time (besides school), I decided to submit some of my work, to share it with those of you interested in what else I've been doing lately... so, feel free to browse my gallery for such deviations.

Also, pretty soon I will be launching my website online again, improved and nicer than before, so stay tuned.

Best of wishes to you all,
Radu L.
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A collection of the most talented musicians I love, depicted in some of the most beautiful drawings here on deviantART. Enjoy!

Jim Morrison (The Doors):
Jim Morrison by AZIZA-FEMI   Jim Morrison by washingtonmc   Jim Morrison work in progress by RCEGRL   Jim Morrison by Ninaschee   jim morrison - king of lizards by beckhanson

Led Zeppelin:
Robert Plant. by MsRainmaker  :thumb74294996:   Jimmy Page. by MsRainmaker   Jimmy Page by Cynthia-Blair   Led Zeppelin by SteveHarradine   Led Zeppelin V by Shivluvzmusic   Led Zeppelin 2 by choffman36

Iron Maiden:
Janick Gers- IRON MAIDEN by akaLilith   Nicko McBrain - IRON MAIDEN by akaLilith   Bruce Dickinson - IRON MAIDEN by akaLilith   Steve Harris - IRON MAIDEN by akaLilith   Adrian Smith - IRON MAIDEN by akaLilith   Dave Murray - IRON MAIDEN by akaLilith   Iron Maiden 1986 by victoriandeath

Jimi Hendrix:
:thumb83183401:   Jimi Hendrix by DrewHackett   God by larry21984   jimi by Indulala   Jimi Hendrix by Tarana   Jimi Hendrix by creativeburst   Jimi Hendrix by jimbo101  

Pink Floyd:
Young Lust by HomeSkillet87  :thumb99866762:   David Gilmour--Pink Floyd by PamelaKaye   In the warm light of his eyes by Araen   syd barrett - space cadet glow by beckhanson   Remember When You Were Young? by shalpin   Guy Pratt of Pink Floyd by Araen  :thumb38491488:  :thumb102198557:  :thumb97073369:   Dark Side Of The Moon by s-mateusz  

:thumb88445971:   Cliff Burton-Metallica by PamelaKaye   Kirk Hammett from Metallica by mslaurnq   Old School Metallica by victoriandeath   Metallica by Moppi  :thumb68332987:  :thumb119527455:

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana):
Kurt Cobain by releasethehounds   Kurt Cobain 1967-1994 by chrismund04  :thumb35691847:   Kurt Cobain by sisko87   Kurt Unplugged by bam19916   Kurt Cobain by ingus91

Guns N' Roses:
Axl Rose by LatinPrincess17   Slash - Guns n Roses by PamelaKaye  :thumb34007237:  :thumb121642687:   Duff Mckagan by StoneTheCrow87   Wasted Heart by jadelu7   Guns N' Roses by iceman47536  :thumb76765621:

Bon Jovi:
Jon Bon Jovi - 08 version by akaLilith   Jon Bon Jovi by Y-LIME   Livin' On A Prayer by jadelu7   Last Man Standing by jadelu7   The King of Swing by jadelu7   In These Hands by jadelu7   Bon Jovi by Y-LIME

Tuomas Holopainen - 2 of 3 by Esteljf   Jukka 'Julius' Nevalainen by Esteljf   Anette Olzon - The Passion by Esteljf   Anette by Ashtoreth   Tuomas Holopainen by prialanis   Tarja Turunen by Ashtoreth   Tarja Turunen 2 by TortuousThrenody Nightwish II by Esteljf   Marco Hietala - The Islander by Esteljf   :NIGHTWISH: by Anvanya1981

Amy Lee (Evanescence):
Amy Lee by KLSADAKO   Amy Lee by Tunaferit   Rocking Amy Lee by cjc7664  :thumb57855669:   Amy Lee of Evanescence by booters

Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil):
:thumb115207483:   Cristina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil by Mirally  :thumb39378843:   Cristina Scabbia by Ashtoreth
Good day fellow deviants,

Another school year is coming to close and thus I am entering my 4 week exam period. It'll be a blast, especially now that I got my hand on a new tablet, a Wacom Bamboo A6 Wide. Can't wait for the exams to pass ok (all 5 of them) so I could get back on the horse... well, actually the desk chair, and start drawing again. I kind of got the taste for digital art with this tablet. It's an amazing instrument for these purposes, never knew it could be so flexible and comfortable. I recommend this product to anyone, it's totally worth the money.

You can check out my first work with the Bamboo on this butterfly, a Vanessa cardui specimen. great for detailed work, only that being my first drawing it has tons of flaws... lucky for me I'll have time to learn and improve my skills (took awhile to get used to it).

Best of wishes to you all,
Radu L. (Sandman)
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Good day to you all,

Summer's "almost" gone, actually it's been gone for quite some time now, but for me, the so called summer break has ended and so has my time spent in the United States. After a summer in Atlantic City NJ I'm finally back home, up and running!

I have a couple of drawings pending to be finished, one of which I think will come out quite soon. I bought myself some new General's charcoal pencils and charcoal bars with which I hope to make some interesting work on paper. Inspiration is without lack in this period, time being of the essence. As long as I have the time to draw something, thoughts will surely flow from the tip of my pencil.

Also, I hope to upgrade my website as soon as possible, just as soon as I get my new desktop PC home and ready. Hope to see more of your art soon! (it took me awhile to browse the some 1,400 deviations and I don't know how many journals, but I did it! :"> )

Best of wishes to you all,
Radu L. (Sandman)
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Good day to you all,

Dearest deviant artists and friends, for the summer I'll take a break from deviantART due to the fact that in this time I'm in Atlantic City, NJ, with the Work & Travel programm. I'm working at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.
My internet conection sucks because I have to go
to a nearby wireless area, 'cause I don't have internet at my home here, so no news from me for a while.
I've been working on another drawing which I'll post when I get the chance. i already have the WIPs ready. I'll see when I have the time to show it to you all.
Also I haven't been been able to check all your new deviations, but I'll get to it soon.

Best of wishes,
Radu L. (Sandman)
Q  u  o  t  e:

"Iubito cata lume intre noi,
Numaratori de ploi din doi in doi
Si dintr-un ochi de dor necunoscut,
Cate zapezi pe buze ne-au crescut
Asculta-ma si lasa-ma sa strig,
Mi-e frica de-ntamplare si mi-e frig

Si nu mai vreau sa stiu pan` la sfarsit
Cine-a iubit frumos cine-a gresit
Cine-a iubit cine-a gresit
Cine-a facut spre noapte primul pas
Cine-a plecat din joc cine-a ramas
Cine si-a smuls peretii rnd pe rand
Cine s-a intors mereu cu ziua in gand

Cine-a pierdut cine-a castigat
De toate-nlantuit sau dezlegat
Cine-a crezut mai mult in celalalt
Sub cerul prea strain si prea inalt
Sub cerul prea strain si-nalt

Iubito cata lume intre noi
Numaratori de ploi din doi in doi
Si dintr-un ochi de dor necunoscut
Cate zapezi pe buze ne-au crescut
Cand n-am sa uit cum suna glasul tau
Decat tacerea ce-mi va fi mai rau
Si cum sa pot sub stele innopta
Cand nu mai simt ce-nseamna umbra ta
Nu simt ce-nseamna umbra ta

Iubito cata lume intre noi
Numaratori de ploi din doi in doi
Si dintr-un ochi de dor necunoscut
Cate zapezi pe buze ne-au crescut
Ascullta-ma si lasa-ma sa strig
Mi-e frica de-ntamplare si mi-e frig
Si nu mai vreau sa stiu pan` la sfarsit
Cine-a iubit frumos cine-a gresit,
Cine-a iubit cine-a gresit"

(Mircea Baniciu - "Scrisoare de bun ramas")

C  l  u  b  s:

:icontranssylvaniaphoenix:   :iconthepencilclub:   :iconrowatch:   :iconnightwishlovers:   :icondesenero:   :iconportraitpencilart:   :iconartofthepawandfang:
Greetings dearest deviants,

It's been a while since my last personal journal, therefore I decided to take a little off my time to make up a little gathering of words around here. I won't be that active on DeviantART soon, because my exam session is coming up fast and I have tons of papers to study and get inside my head. I already have three deviations pending to be finished but haven't yet found the time to do so, hope I would finish them soon and publish them as well, for your eyes to see. I wish you all the best things you can think of for the upcoming new year and may your new 365 day experience be as prosperous as the previous, if not more.

Best of wishes,
Radu L. (Sandman)

"Si e linistea iar
Prea aproape de mine,
Prea triste visele imi sunt.
De ce nu esti aici
Sa-ti pot vorbi,
Sa imi vorbesti,
S-apropii cerul de pamant.
Si e linistea iar
Prea aproape de mine
De ce n-auzi chemarea mea?
Te strig mereu,
Te strig in gand
Si inima mea ca un ceas batand.
Se insenineaza cerul departe.
Ceata dispare rupta in fasii,
Strazile-s pustii daca tu, tu nu vii
Degeaba incepe, incepe
O noua zï..."


:icontranssylvaniaphoenix:   :iconthepencilclub:  :iconpencilsgalore:   :iconmindoflead:   :icontraditionalart:   :iconrowatch:   :iconnightwishlovers:   :icontheportraitclub:   :icondesenero:   :iconartofthepawandfang:
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Official "Transsylvania Phoenix" DeviantART Club

The DeviantART club dedicated to the Romanian band Transsylvania Phoenix is now officially open. We still need to fiddle around a bit, but basically the club is open to all those interested in joining it. The rules for joining the club can be found here.

As long as you stick by them, the staff members shall verify the information you present and confirm your arrival at the club. Viewing the club's DeviantART page can be done by simply clicking the icon below, in the "Clubs" section.


:icontranssylvaniaphoenix:   :iconthepencilclub:  :iconpencilsgalore:   :iconmindoflead:   :icontraditionalart:   :iconrowatch:   :iconnightwishlovers:   :icontheportraitclub:   :icondesenero:   :iconartofthepawandfang:
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     Greetings dear deviant artists,

     I know I have been slacking of regarding my drawing, but the thing is, time is now of the essence for me, and with the freshman year at the university and the several other projects I had to do, I really found it hard to make time for anything as little as a speck of graphite... unfortunately, not even charcoal. I hope to find the time to place my thoughts on a sheet of paper once more, because the inspiration is here, I'm just waiting for the time.

     On another level, I managed finishing my website in a rather short period of time... well, I actually redid it, so I had some of the old contents at my disposal. I was done completely in Adobe Flash and it was a handful (tired of keyframes). It's basically a portfolio of my work, yet I'm sorry I couldn't fit enough drawings in there, the browsing would have taken too long, but I have a link to my deviant gallery (I'll let you find it). Feel free to visit it at Sandman Arts and let me in on your opinion about everything.

     Best of wishes to you,
     Radu L. (Sandman)
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"So fell autumn leaves, and the season of the fall is upon us once more with this new year. Whether it is the smell of dry leaves crushing beneath your feet as you you walk upon sidewalks paved in gold, orange and red colors, whether you open the windows as the morning air slides gently in your chamber as if it were waiting patiently all night to comfort you with it's sent or if you simply happens to be caught on your way, to another place, by a rainy cloud, hovering above you as you seek shelter from beneath it, the red-leaf-season is here. The crops have been harvested, the wine left to settle, the winter wood carefully laid piece upon piece in an old shed... everything starts to drift towards a sort of lack of life, flawlessly ending in a sea of colored leaves, each one dancing it's ways through the branches towards the ground on which we step... crushing each of these small wanderers... releasing that sent... that uniques smell that gently makes it's way to our hearts instead of our noses, that one time we all know day shortens... as night prevailes... that time of autumn..."
:bulletgreen: Romanian artists/friends:

:iconandragony: :icondamariamara: :iconjullia-jullia: :iconnyaare: :icondianacretu: :iconminisid: :iconscorilo: :iconflamingwish: :iconmadpiano: :iconimaginary08: :iconnimfabebetraditional: :iconrazvanmaiden: :iconfeedledeedee: :iconag3nt47: :iconmonky1: :iconneolode: :iconormehcym: :iconwitchy-ways: :iconnoadiction: :iconhypnothalamus: :iconpaludez: :iconkhymikaze: :iconsin14989: :iconmistik-love: :iconana-ligia: :iconminunkuolema: :iconthe-coke-bear: :icontemiy: :iconadynetro: :iconmihai: :iconglockedprod: :iconthe-donkee: :iconsharting: :iconneriak: :iconfragrance210788: :iconneonay: :iconileanahunter: :iconlucas7: :iconmariusvisan:

:bulletgreen: Distinguished artists I love and highly recommend:

:iconakalilith: :iconandybuck: :iconangela-t: :iconaragornbird: :iconbloodxorange: :iconclouded-ambition: :icondestriergirl:  :icondoodoox: :iconesteljf: :iconfire-n-ash: :iconkarin713: :iconkimmuriel-hun:  :iconmysia: :iconnambroth: :iconrasberry6: :iconshivluvzmusic: :iconsidneyeileen: :iconsnow-owl: :iconwaveglistening: :iconmojopina: :iconxiaocaca: :iconeidolic: :icond3javu3: :iconnicobou: :iconsingsang: :iconshimoda7: :iconoihcco: :iconfaboarts: :iconkitsunegari16: :iconmidnightstouch: :icontasteofliquid: :iconcalcitemink1610: :iconadelaida: :iconturborider: :iconhannahchapman: :iconliiga: :iconcookai: :iconembers: :iconmjwilliam: :iconkankakanka: :iconponytail: :iconbooters: :iconzefritz: :icondarkerwithin: :iconpamelakaye: :iconvictoriandeath: :iconwhydeeke: :iconaramismarron: :iconqchangyao: :iconfurtivelungs: :iconlittle-serval: :iconuzorpatorica: :icongtlowes: :iconsynnabar: :iconcontrol: :iconfalmarin: :iconsooper-deviant: :iconashtoreth: :iconkerembeyit:

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Well... it would seem that mrs. Ancuta did me the honour of tagging me...  :O_o: so... :blushes: I ought to post the fact bellow... :whisper:

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post eight random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3. Tagged people should write a journal of these facts.
4. At the end, post eight more deviants you wish to tag.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1. I enjoy a nice setting, with lovely background music and a few friends to warm up the place.
2. My all time favorite beer is Silva Black
3. I love mountain hiking (Mtii. fagars & Mtii. Rarau this year).
4. I also enjoy mountain biking, XC in general.
5. I like listening to folk
6. Drawing is a way for me to express myself... if words can't do it, graphite most certainly can.
7. I'm not a very talkative person, though sometimes I so wish I could express myself easier.
8. I practice aquascaping and try to study entomology as best as I can (hence my passion for butterflies).

So there they are, eight fact about me... more or less intereesting... you decide. And now, my time for tagging, I tag the following deviants:

:iconandragony: :iconflamingwish: :iconormehcym: :icondestriergirl:  :iconnyaare: :iconpaludez: :iconrazvanmaiden: :iconhypnothalamus:

:bulletgreen: Romanian artists:

:iconandragony: :icondamariamara: :icondianacretu: :iconjullia-jullia: :iconmariusvisan: :iconminisid: :iconscorilo: :iconflamingwish: :iconimaginary08: :iconnimfabebetraditional: :iconrazvanmaiden: :iconfeedledeedee: :iconag3nt47: :iconmonky1: :iconneolode: :iconormehcym: :iconwitchy-ways: :iconnoadiction: :iconhypnothalamus: :iconpaludez: :iconkhymikaze: :iconsin14989: :iconnyaare: :iconmistik-love: :iconana-ligia: :iconminunkuolema:

:bulletgreen: Great artists I enjoy and recommend:

:iconakalilith: :iconandybuck: :iconangela-t: :iconaragornbird: :iconbloodxorange: :iconclouded-ambition: :icondestriergirl:  :icondoodoox: :iconesteljf: :iconfire-n-ash: :iconkarin713: :iconkimmuriel-hun:  :iconmysia: :iconnambroth: :iconrasberry6: :iconshivluvzmusic: :iconsidneyeileen: :iconsnow-owl: :iconwaveglistening: :iconmojopina: :iconxiaocaca: :iconeidolic: :icond3javu3: :iconnicobou: :iconsingsang: :iconshimoda7: :iconoihcco: :iconfaboarts: :iconkitsunegari16: :iconmidnightstouch: :icontasteofliquid: :iconcalcitemink1610: :iconadelaida:

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Back from a couple of outdoor experiences... Dorna Xtrem 2007, where I hoped to participate at the XC category, too bad I couldn't because I had to catch the train home, because the next day, I left for Brasov... and went on up The Fagaras Mountains for 7 days... there were suppose to be 9 days, but the storm chased us down. It was a very nice experiance for this year's mountain trip... I did The Moldoveanu Peak at 2544m altitude, the highest peak in Romania. Lovely, wild and savage... there are the words to describe it, superb glaciar structures, lakes and cliffs... hard, but self-rewarding. A week worth living, where you experience extreme conditions, both phisical, psicological and weather. All in all, I'm glad to be back and having sorted all the messages, journals and deviations received. Keep those pencils sharp and don't stop dreaming on sheets of paper...

:bulletgreen: Romanian artists:

:iconandragony: :icondianacretu: :iconjullia-jullia: :iconmariusvisan: :iconminisid: :iconscorilo: :iconflamingwish: :iconimaginary08: :iconnimfabebetraditional: :iconrazvanmaiden: :iconfeedledeedee: :iconag3nt47: :iconmonky1: :iconneolode: :iconormehcym: :iconwitchy-ways: :iconnoadiction: :iconhypnothalamus: :iconpaludez: :iconkhymikaze: :iconsin14989: :iconnyaare:

:bulletgreen: Great artists I enjoy and recommend:

:iconakalilith: :iconandybuck: :iconangela-t: :iconaragornbird: :iconbloodxorange: :iconclouded-ambition: :icondestriergirl:  :icondoodoox: :iconesteljf: :iconfire-n-ash: :iconkarin713: :iconkimmuriel-hun:  :iconmysia: :iconnambroth: :iconrasberry6: :iconshivluvzmusic: :iconsidneyeileen: :iconsnow-owl: :iconwaveglistening: :iconmojopina: :iconxiaocaca: :iconeidolic: :icond3javu3: :iconnicobou: :iconsingsang: :iconshimoda7: :iconoihcco: :iconfaboarts: :iconkitsunegari16: :iconmidnightstouch: :icontasteofliquid:

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"As I think of you
From this dark century
I will always be
With generosity
That we both may share
The hope in hearing
That we're not just
Spirits disappearing"

:bulletgreen: Romanian artists:

:iconandragony: :icondianacretu: :iconjullia-jullia: :iconmariusvisan: :iconminisid: :iconscorilo: :iconflamingwish: :iconimaginary08: :iconnimfabebetraditional: :iconrazvanmaiden: :iconfeedledeedee: :iconag3nt47: :iconmonky1: :iconneolode: :iconormehcym: :iconwitchy-ways:

:bulletgreen: Great artists I enjoy and recommend:

:iconakalilith: :iconandybuck: :iconangela-t: :iconaragornbird: :iconbloodxorange: :iconclouded-ambition: :icondestriergirl:  :icondoodoox: :iconesteljf: :iconfire-n-ash: :iconkarin713: :iconkimmuriel-hun:  :iconmysia: :iconnambroth: :iconrasberry6: :iconshivluvzmusic: :iconsidneyeileen: :iconsnow-owl: :iconwaveglistening: :iconmojopina: :iconxiaocaca: :iconeidolic: :icond3javu3: :iconnicobou: :iconsingsang: :iconshimoda7:

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:iconartofthepawandfang: :icondrawings-klub: :iconmindoflead: :iconmountainbike-lovers: :iconnightwishlovers: :iconpencilsgalore: :iconrowatch: :iconthepencilclub: :icontraditionalart: :icondesenero:
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  • Watching: Dreams fade and shiver...
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Duminica, 5 august 2007, la Institutul Ocologic Bucuresti, la ora 15:15 a plecat dintre noi un om a carui nume sustine un curent, o stare de spirit... un sentiment: Florian Pittis. La 63 de ani, el a lasat in urma un drum pavat cu dragoste fata de muzica buna si fata de tot ceea ce e frumos in lume, fata de ceea ce presupune libertatea... "plete si camasile-nflorate". Vocea nobila care a dainuit in urechile atator generatii va continua sa rasune in sufletul fiecarui om care poate spune ca l-a auzit, l-a placut si il va simti aproape mereu, si fiindca "pomul vietii creste mandru unde spiritul e viu", sunt convins ca mesajul sau si cauza pentru care a luptat cu verva va continua sa exista si va fi dusa mai departe de urmasi, desi nu in aceeasi masura probabil, dar va exista fara indoiala.

:pointr: Cuvinte:

Nicolae Vacaroiu: "Prin disparitia lui Florian Pittis, societatea romana a pierdut un mare om..."
Victor Socaciu: "Odata cu 'Motu' dispare generatia hippie..."
Horia Moculescu: "'Motul' face parte dintre persoanele care nu mor..."
Adrian Paunescu: "Pittis a cazut pentru ca si-a asumat suferintele celor din jur..."

:pointr: Scurta biografie:

Florian Pittis s-a nascut la 4 octombrie 1943 la Bucuresti si s-a facut cunoscut ca interpret de muzica folk, actor si realizator de emisiuni radio. A colaborat pentru o perioada indelungata cu Teatrul "Lucia Sturdza Bulandra". In domeniul muzical a devenit cunoscut intr-un trio cu Anda Calugareanu si Dan Tufaru, mai tarziu afirmandu-se si in cadrul cenaclului Flacara. In perioada 1992 - 2000 a facut parte din formatia "Pasarea Colibri", cu care a editat mai multe albume. Printre cele mai importante realizari discografice ale sale se numara "In cautarea cuibului pierdut" - 1995, "Ciripituri" - 1996, "Cantece de bivuac" - 1999. A regizat piesele "Cainele gradinarului" si "Black and White", iar ca actor s-a remarcat in productiile "Veronica se intoarce - 1973", "Mama" - 1977 si "Masini".

"Cand necazuri te doboara
Si prieteni n-ai sa-i strigi
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici


Cand nu mai ai nici vise
Si nu stii cum sa te ridici
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici
Nu-i aici, nu, nu-i aici, nu
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici

Cand s-aduna norii negri
Ploaia cade ca un brici
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici

Mangaiere n-ai, nu vezi acum
Maini intinse de amici
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici
Nu-i aici, nu, nu-i aici, nu
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici


Si cand cauti in zadar un om
Printr-atatea mii de venetici
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici
Nu-i aici, nu, nu-i aici, nu
Tine minte, sfarsitul nu-i aici"
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Greatings to you all,

Happy to announce you that from now on I am a university student, in my fresh year. I got into the the faculty which I wanted and everything appears to go smooth with me for a while now.
Lot's of big plans for the remaining summer weeks among which getting my bike ready for some serious mountain-biking, it's been a while. Also, my birthday is on the 1'st of next month so I invite you to grab a beer and Cheers!
I have a lot of drawings on my mind and I hope to get them through as good as possible, 'cause the paper is ready, the pencils have been sharpened, lookout inspiration, here I come...
Hope to see some more fabulous work from you guys as I have seen before, and keep the graphite flowing...

Best of wishes,
Radu L. (Sandman)

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Hellow fellow artists,

I am pleased to announce that I have finished my exam period and have received some nice results as well. All I have to d know I get the paperwork done for the university and deposit my application. I've also managed to slip a few drawings and sketches around, while having some study breaks, some better some worse, no matter.
I have started to make plans for the summer, these inluding also a couple of nice drawings which I hope to finish soon, let's just hope they will meet some of your expectations.
Thank you all for the comments, favs and watches. Bellow there three lista of my friends here on deviantART and also the clubs I am a member of.

I wish you all the best,
Radu L. (Sandman)

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