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That which matters

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 7, 2018, 5:45 PM
Those of my watchers who have been around a while know that waiting for a new journal entry from me is like sitting around watching paint dry.  But that is mostly because I rarely think I have anything worthwhile to say that anybody would care to read. :)

Every now and then, however, a mood comes over me, and I subject you all to my meandering thoughts. And alas for you, today is one of those days!

But it is short, thankfully. And not about art particularly, which means most of you can happily hit that delete button in your notifications without a shred of guilt! :)

Those of you who are students of history cannot help but look around the world today and feel a certain unease. This all looks so sadly familiar, the rise of strongmen around the world, anger everywhere, the potential for arguments to escalate out of control. It is easy under such circumstances to either become angry yourself, or to burrow into a hole and try to hide from it all.

I cannot advise anyone on what is the best course but I can say this: within the sphere of your life - the people around you both near and far who mean something to you, and you to them - hold them. Hold them in your heart, and let them know that you do. Give to them the peace and serenity that may be lacking in the rest of the world, but which can exist between you, and them.

That may seem inconsequential, mere dandelion puffs blowing about in a hurricane... but what are the dandelion puffs but the bearers of seeds? And seeds that will fly about, land, and take root, and grow. Each little bit of love and compassion you can show is one more dandelion seed to float on the wind and bring life back.

Hold on to one another. All of you. As I hold onto you.

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Where to go from here...

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2016, 9:59 AM
So, good news and bad news.  :)

As many of you may know, I create my artwork using a 3D rendering program (DAZ Studio), supplemented by postwork in Photoshop. I've seen multiple iterations not only of the program, but the 3D human models and the various clothing and hair models that attach to them, as well as the textures applied to same. Over this time I've acquired quite a library of all this stuff.

Not unreasonably, DAZ continually improves the software and the models, and they and various third party vendors who create content update things accordingly. The downside for artists like me is that over the last few years each iteration of the models has made the previous generation of models obsolete: the clothing, hair, and textures for the prior generation will not work on the newest one. So the pipeline of products for the old models cease, and you have to buy new (or replacement) versions of the content to work on the newly supported models.

This gets quite expensive. Due to the extent of my library, I am still primarily using a model from several years ago, Victoria 4 (and sometimes an even older one, Aiko 3). Lately I've done a small handful on a newer one, Genesis 2. However the most recent generation of the program and models has finally hit a wall for me.

With the newest release of Studio, DAZ has changed the basic render engine, from a product called 3Delight to one called iRay. While 3Delight is still supported, just as with the models, new products are starting to ditch textures that work with it in lieu of the latest and greatest. At the same time there is yes another new iteration of the models, Genesis 3, also not in any way backwardly compatible with the previous versions (except via some add on utilities that are less than perfect). Funds being tight, I can't afford to replace everything (again). But the biggest detriment is iRay. It is really optimized to create more photo-realistic renders, which is not at all what I am interested in. Aside from it not working with any of the textures, lights, or shaders I have collected over the years, it also is an intense resource hog. A render that might take me 5 minutes in 3Delight can take hours to render in iRay. All to get an effect I don't particularly want.

So the bad news is, I am not sure I will be going that path, and eventually the source of products to support what I do may dry up. The good news part of it is, I still have tons of zipped product files of the older stuff that I have not opened yet, so I still have quite a bit I can use for a while. And I will just have to get extra creative in figuring out how to make interesting and pretty pictures with the products I do have.  :)

And if you've read this far... you deserve a medal. :)

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A Change of Hats

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 7:09 AM
It has been a long time since my last journal entry, and much has changed in my life in that time. And now it is time to share them publicly.

As you will see from my journal banner, and the tag line on Deviant Art profile, I have now become Cynthia Radthorne. This change has been several years in gestation, and often a very difficult journey. I transitioned full time to being Cynthia at work in January, and now I am completing that transformation in all other facets of my life, including my personal and professional art.

Consider the metaphor of the caterpillar who does not realize she is truly a butterfly, until she emerges from her chrysalis and spreads her wings for the very first time, and realizes she can fly. That has been my path, and now I may take wing and truly float among the clouds.

In today's online world it is not practical to try and completely remove a previous identity, so this transition perforce must be a cutover rather than a replacement. Thus you will still see my old name on past artworks here; I have not attempted to go back and modify all of them. More recent ones, you will note, only include my last name on the watermark signature, in anticipation of this evolution.

Most of you presumably come to Deviant Art to simply appreciate art, and such news as mine is entirely incidental to that. But I did not want there to simply be an unexplained shift. So I present to you my new self, and as always, I thank you all for your support and kindness in appreciating my art. Your fav's and positive comments always mean a very great deal to me.

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