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A Test Of Skill

As well as how limber she is...

Edit: Well, I must say, the reaction to this one has been much higher than usual! I've got over 2200 messages, and that usually seems to only happen for Daily Deviations (which this one isn't, as I just posted it this morning...) I'm very pleased that everyone (well, most everyone) seems to like it so much.

Just to provide a few points of clarity: this is a computer rendering from 3D models. I do all of my work using DAZ Studio, with postwork in Photoshop. All of the models are commercially available items, including the pose (which I did a few minor tweaks on to get it exactly where I wanted it). Overall composition, lighting, etc. are all mine.

For those who commented that the pose is incorrect or could not be acheived, at least two folks in the comments have provided a link to a real person doing exactly this pose (not to say that actually shooting the arrow from this position would work terribly well, but at least one can actually bend like that. Well, I can't, but the person in the photo could...) I had not seen that photo before, but the vendor who created the model pose probably had, or someone else doing a similar trick.

Many thanks to those who made nice comments; I will try to answer you each as time allows.
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A lovely pose and the background blends in very well ! :)
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You're very welcome. Keep up the great work 
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Wow that's surely something you never see in a Robin Hood adaptation.
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lol very true!
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I can't find any of the links you mention in the comments. Just curious not that I wanted to critique, this is beautiful. 
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Thank you! The links may have expired, I assume they were to some pix of the gymnast who does this, shooting the arrow backwards thing.
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okay forget my comment xD
i just saw it said Sculpture.
i thought it was a real woman xD
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thank you so much :D
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Thanks. It can actually be done, however, as I have seen video clips of a young woman contortionist who is able to do this (not blind folded, mind you, but able to do all the rest).
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i dont doubt that.
i bet she could do it blindfoldedthough xD
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Hi. here is a link that proves this pose possible.
it got a DD today.…
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Great pose ,love it :)
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This is soooooooo friggin awesome! I LOVE IT!
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Thank you so much! :)
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No problem. I'm so jealous sigh.
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Excellent work, featured here: [link]
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