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Finally done with the new site design which I think will hold for a couple of years maybe.
Shop and commission page finally up, so if anyone is interested, please head on there!
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Finally finished Cat Nine: Take Two's Facebook and Twitter page. Like/follow us please, I'm alone there. :(

Was thinking of ideas of what to post there in the first place, maybe thumbnails/storyboards of the upcoming comics, or the current progress of the next comic. Any more ideas are welcome!
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Last night I was doing some writing for Take Two!, and it felt great. Being an introvert had given me some perspective in how and why people think and act, which I can definitely apply with my writing(and psychology for that matter, but not interested in becoming a shrink). I've never thought of myself as an artist, well, maybe a little, I'm not blind to my own achievements though I see my flaws more. But I'm definitely a webcomic guy. I enjoy drawing, but I enjoy writing most of all.
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Yep. Up. Over here!

Was gonna make a picture, but I'm too, I dunno, high from finishing this since I have been working on this since last week. Can't even concentrate argh! And goddamn it is nice! Though yeah, I kinda need it tested just in case I missed something so just message me!

Okay new features:
Following the 960 grid
CSS dropdown menu
Random comic function(please transcribe, it'll only work on transribed pages!)
Flash Gallery for the Fan Section. If I left anyone out, it just means I couldn't find the file or I forgot, sorry!
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New site up earlier than expected, thought it would be up in two weeks. Was planning to design the website while waiting... welp, designing it right now so no comics until I'm done, sorry!! I planned a vote pic/comic for every strip see, so I still have to follow The Plan. Will work on it for two weeks max and if I'm still not finished, I'll start updating again so don't worry. Will probably be finished next week though since I have tons free time(for now -_-). But yeah, vote pic for each strip, including the first three ones so you might still need to wait a week until the next ones show up, hehe.
Update schedule will be TTHS. Feel free to bug me if I missed an update.

Anything you like/dislike from the old site? Now's your chance to say so while I'm working.

The Comic - duh
Navigation buttons- derp
Archives - older comics, willl include the episode list here too, and the past vote pics else I'll move that to Misc page.
ComicGenesis ads - some complained about the ads, but they're mandatory
Contacts - asl plz

Features/Pages I'll most likely put/keep:
Chatbox - Will decrease the size, maybe use the mini version
Calendar - Now that it's three times a week, makes it more useful
Episode dropdown - Decided that it'll only contain the start of the episode. I was thinking of DVD chapters when I made the old one.
Newsbox - that vertical box advertising other Comic Genesis webcomics. I need to include that if I want mine to show up on theirs.
Current votepic - Making it a smaller size
RSS - For those people who use it.
Fan Stuff/Section - aww we love you too! Fan art and comics galore! Maybe some downloadables for you too! Thinking of making an swf file to display fans' pics, so it'll be less of a hassle for me to update each frigging button in html.

Features I'll drop:
Visitor Map - When I put this up the first time and saw where people in the world are reading Cat Nine from, I was giddy. After that's past it just looks like an eye sore now.
Polls - Can't think of what to ask anyway and a hassle to update.
Webcomic list rankings - Once upon a time Cat Nine was in the Top 300. Of course, I felt giddy about that too. I wanted to be The Top! Until I realized webcomics aren't about winning, but it felt worthwhile for the time.
Unnecessary/Redundant links - Will put some of them in a page like, say, a Miscellaneous page.
Myan's pic at the bottom of the page - argh, hassle.

Undecided or will show up in the future:
Blog - Useful for news updates I guess, but if it doesn't fit the look of the site I might just drop it.
Forums - We had one at Comic Genesis, and one over here. I have no idea how to be an admin for a forum... but will make one(again) and do it right this time when you guys ask for it. Probably when the chatbox is overcrowded maybe.
Oh No Robot search box and buttons - Actually this is gonna be useful after some time, that is if people helped transcribe some of the comics. I might give incentives when people transcribe, but that's a maybe.
Shop/Donate - Paypal isn't completely supported here in the Philippines, that's why I'm kind of "meh" about setting up shop. I could just find a local shop to make the shirts and then I'll mail them too you, hmm.
Complete Archives - ALL the comics in calendar form. Does anyone actually use them?

Got Web Publishing this term so I might learn some new tricks later, heehee.
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Whew here we go again!

Yep, it's a comic strip now, no complaining! :D
Decided to make it into a strip so I can update three times a week, and well, it's great cause it makes me "get to the point", since I've always felt the "old" Cat Nine's pacing was so frigging slow, and since it updates once a week... :|

New site's not up yet so I'll just keep uploading them here.

Oh, why I stopped updating? Well..
1. No idea where the story is going. I don't even know what it's exact genre. Yes, writing is fun, but it's also overwhelming cause I'm still a beginner. I mean, you can pretty much do ANYTHING in the story if you want to, but there's so many different paths in the story you can take. I could've made Cat Nine a romance, action, maybe even an harem(which I hate btw). I don't even know if I'll still like the way the story is going after a while, or if the readers will.
2. Flash CS5 is reaaaally slow, like, undo takes at least 10 secs. Plus it hates me,  I know it. Keeps ruining my art for some reason. I even need to redraw some of them, argh!
3. Drawing it is taking too long. I don't remember how I spent 8+ hours per page... part of it is probably #2 though. Or maybe most of it.
4. School of course. Especially when it's midterms or finals.
5. Self-esteem. I know all artists see a problem in everything they make, that's how to improve, but being too critical is, well, depressing. NO I was not depressed, but more like "Ugh, what's  the point, I'll never be THAT good."  Also not helping is me being lazy about practice, so I moan about the above, it's an endless cycle of stupid really. Well I got over it, even if it's just for now, heh. I think I need a reminder(i.e. a kick in the balls), if I'm ever like this again.
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Well, productive or not, I've decided to come back from hiatus after these few months but I want to do some things first before I come back.

1. Animation
Anything that's at least 30 seconds. I want to practice cause we have to make at least 120 drawings(AAAHHHHHHHHH) for my 2DAnim2 class. If I can I'll make an AMV or an opening intro for Cat Nine, else I'll make a simple story or something. Have to find a song that fits. Feel free to suggests songs!

2. Redesign site
I'll update it with actual buttons(!!) when going to other pages of the site. I'll have to find out what links you click on so I can decide if it's going to stay, or maybe add some more. Just tell me if I should add anything.

3. Write the story
This is one of the reasons why I wanted to take the hiatus cause, I have NO idea where the story is going, and what's the ending. I don't want to work on Cat Nine forever you know. Good news is that I've already though of at least six episodes now. And about the ending... say, 40 pages average per episode. I guess I'll make 13-24 episode max. That's about 500 - 900 pages. Whew. I've also decided to start on Midonyn Epic when Cat Nine reaches 200 pages or so...

4.Character Design and Layout
I'll do it properly this time so my style for Cat Nine will be consistent, and I actually "know" the place where they are. If anyone wants to start a comic, I suggest writing the story and this one first... arghh.

I think (cough) I'll probably be back February or March. Or be back at February then make the animation on March, hmm.
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(ugh can't you link your Blogger to this one?)

Next term's gonna be interesting, I have 2d and 3d animation, as well as Technical drawing, which means I'll be able to draw buildings, furniture, etc. in proper perspective. I have Photography and Desktop publishing too. Not looking forward to the 9 hour a day classes though. Then again, I only have classes 3 times a week...

I'll probably be hella busy though, so sorry if I get delays again.  At least I'll make up with animations I'll do. Also, 3D MYAN. :3

Ooh yeah, I just got the book I ordered on Amazon(thanks dad!), it's about making games in Flash. Hope I get better!
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Just got back from Abu Dhabi and home to the Philippines again. Whew, can't wait to  start classes and draw comics again. Oh yeah, I can't get away with delays or missed updates anymore because I don't have any classes from Sun to Tuesday for this term, so I made some coupons…

... er, don't use them till next week, please?
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Anyone wanna do some guest comics? Vacation time for me this May, and I really don't want to work on anything. It's short though, only 20 days, *sigh*.

If anyone's interested, just email it to me. I'll post them on the main site, and feel free to include your site's link.
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I've chosen two songs that I feel are perfect for Midonyn Epic's opening, but I only need one but they're both so, uh, epic that I can't decide which one I should make or at least make a rough draft.

Personally , I think Tuloy Pa Rin sounds way more epic but Bitiw fits as the first opening or something. Hmm...

There's a poll in my blog if you want to help.

YouTube links:
Tuloy Pa Rin -…
Bitiw -…

deviantArt links:
Bitiw -…
Tuloy Pa Rin -…
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Ugh, read through the archives again. I am suddenly very glad that I got better, even if it's only a little bit. I kinda forgot why I started Cat Nine in the first place, aside from telling a story, I wanted to get better. I knew patience and perseverance(cough) will pay off in the end, even if there's still a lot of things I need to learn.

My head hurts now though.

(too long didn't read part ahead, go ahead or don't.)

9 things to mention:

1. This will always be my worst drawing of Keith, EVER. Everytime I look at this gives me a...*shudder* o_O and reminds me of Weegee somehow... heh, Weekeith. Srsly, do not look into his eyes.

2. Had fun playing around with this again, too bad the file got lost when the hard drive suddenly went kaput. And even if it didn't get lost, I don't think I still could have finished it cause I go like moaaan because of working on it. Things don't tend to last long when I do it when I felt like doing it. Sad. I *might* make a new one though when the story moves at last and they're finally in the mall. I'm still gonna put that as a maybe until then.

3. Made a lot of mistakes with writing, aside from the crappy art that is. I really don't know why Keith suddenly has the idea to use a mirror, or Tammy suddenly standing up. This one of the reasons why I have a headache now and keep shouting "WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT" and "THIS IS CRAP". Which is why it leads to...

4. Cat Nine fans. Seriously folks, I am still confused as to why I have fans. I mean, "THEY READ THIS, THEY LIKE THIS, WTF?"
Oh yeah sure, the first time somebody said they liked it I was like "WOW someone likes it!". Now that it has worn of... :| Maybe I'm just selling myself short like someone said, I dunno. At least fame wouldn't get into my head. :D
But yeah, I am glad people like it, somehow, even how mind boggling it is.
Thanks everyone. ^^

5. Yes, Myan is cute.

6. I hate drawing people crossing their arms now. Yes I did get a bit better drawing them, but still... Heh, you could say that's the only reason Keith put Myan down.

7. Apparently, sleighs have runners(?), those things underneath that makes it move. Sorry, I have no experience of snow here in tropical Philippines, and so far I've only gone to other countries who lack snow. Is snow that great anyway?

8. I really need to update more to catch up. I should do at least 48 comics a year, 4 comics a month, and we're only around 55 right now. And it's almost the 2nd anniversary of Cat Nine. That means I should already have done around 96 comics now, yikes! Yeah, some of the comics are animated, but I don't know how much they're worth. -_- I think some of them are worth 2 so I should be around 60-ish. *sigh* why am I so lazy? :(

9. I might get a pet cat after this semester, and I think it's cheesy to name it Myan. Any suggestions? :meow: No "Prickly Paws", or something like that. Myan would hate that.


10(TEN hah). Myan. Why did I name her Myan? I HAVE NO IDEA. :D :D :D
I don't think anyone uses Myan as a name for anybody or anything, even around here. See, "Myan" came from a sketch of a catgirl from long ago, and I was having trouble on what to name her. Probably thought Myan came close to "meow". I was young then @_@.  But yeah, it does kinda fit when she IS a catgirl first, but the problem is she IS a cat first, and someone named her, so yeah... and it's pronounced Miyan. Not Mayan, Meyan, Moyan, Muyan or Megan(someone emailed saying how cute "Megan" is o_O).

Alright, I'm done now.
Did you read all of this? OMG you must be reeeaaaalllly bored, a diehard *fan* or just trying not to be rude. lol
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Whew, had a nice vacation, are the so called Cat Nine fans still there?
Going to start updating this week, or at least try to *sigh*. College starts this week too, so update schedule might be erratic again(though it already is).

Oh, and I'm trying to make the intro for Cat Nine... if anybody's interested, feel free to suggest, just comment and/or annotate something.
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I need to put drawing out of my mind so, see yah guys!!
For those interested in submitting fillers, just send it to my email.
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Let's see, just started to read The Dresden Files, and I IMMEDIATELY loved it! :D :D :D
Seriously, it's kinda like Harry Potter(aside from the fact that the hero's name is Harry Dresded) except with more sex, blood and violence. Plus he's kind of a detective too. KICK ASS. I already bought and finished 3 of the books in a week and gonna buy more. Whee 8 more books to go~

Got a closed beta invite for Grand Fantasia. Hope it's good. I hate MMORPGS that depends a lot on grinding. I wish I have enough money for WOW but... >_<

Okay, since I'm 18 now, I'm gonna start being serious bit by bit, starting with tiger bikini Myan, and a real once a week schedule.

I'm also gonna try to do some more animations, expect more when I reach next term cause I took an elective in Web Animation 1, yey. :meow:

Hmm, I'm gonna be going to Abu Dhabi again for Christmas break, so there might be no comic for that week. My family moved there recently and I'm left here in the Philippines... so yeah I miss them T_T

Oh yeah, auditions for Keith and Tammy are still open, I think :iconsydsnap: voice fits Myan pretty well so we don't need anybody for her anymore :D. Still if you're willing to try, go for it. Just send it to my email.
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Man, last Saturday sucked.
I woke up that morning and it was raining heavily and I thought "Commuting is gonna be a drag..." because I still had classes in the afternoon, but the rain just kept getting stronger and since the area around my college can easily be flooded, I decided to stay home instead.
Watched some news thinking classes would hopefully be suspended. Saw some areas are really, really flooded, like waist high flooded, some cars stopped working too. Heck, some of them are stranded on their roofs because of floods.
Then I received more bad news, our maid told me that the road going to our house has been flooded, so I can't go home.
See, we have two houses, one is our main house where all my stuff are and where I go home everyday but  it's far from my college. Takes around an hour to get there, and around one to two hours going back, and if the seats are full, I have to endure standing the whole way.
And the other house is closer to, but crappy. Aside from lack of access to my stuff and the Internet, there's the comfort room(C.R. , restroom, bathroom, water closet, etc...) where there's no shower and I have to use a tabo(dipper) and a pail of water to take a bath. And a toilet that doesn't have a flush, except by "manual flush" which means I have to pour a pail of water into it to flush it, yeah... actually, I've gotten used to that ever since I was a kid, but I still really don't like manual flushing. o_O
Well anyway, decided to take a little nap after lunch but then I woke up again cause I'm feeling a little hot and saw that there's a brownout(actually it's a blackout, but around here we still call it brownout). Good thing I brought some books(Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus :D).
Still, I got bored of them and really wished I brought my harmonica. When night came, we had to use candles.
Heh, had to take a bath, with a candle especially because it doesn't have a window, and cockroaches on the ceiling watching me taking a bath. Good times *sigh*.
Had trouble sleeping cause it's hot and the mosquitoes are kept biting. Still, I feel thankful that we didn't get flooded.
Then woke up the next morning, and still no power but at least the roads are less flooded now and now I'm home again and writing this blog. Hope I don't get stranded again tomorrow. :(

Classes suspended on Monday.
Man it's worse than I thought.…
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Just wanted to update cause I already got the new laptop for a while now X_X

Right, sorry for the long ass delay, just wanted to play games than work so it might be a while, heck, a LONG while before the next comic shows up. Anyway it's another "sorta" animated and quite long, which I think is worth 4 weeks of comics anyway so... -_-

Oh and does anyone wanna do an "interview" with the characters? Keep questions decent. I'll choose(or I hold a poll for) the top 10 best/funny/ridiculous/crazy/insane questions then I'll post the results as a new vote comic. Heh sorry, I'm bored and staving off work. And I wanted to find out what they would probably answer >_< Thanks to :iconalias-shadow-7: for the idea :D
Just post here for the questions. Anything innapropriate will get a swift kick in the nuts. Anyone who doesn't have one will get one(or rather two) attached for them. ;)

And on other and rather very unrelated news...(gasp!),my pet chicken is depressed :(. If you've seen her, you probably won't want to eat chicken EVER again. She got in a fight against another chicken, and escaped with a peck wound in the face. Don't worry Nokie, you can make it! Hope she doesn't die or commit suicide(?!) or anything. T_T

Anyway, my to do list:
[]Comic 40
[]Interview comic
[]Episode End comic
[]Site update
[]Valentine comic(yeah yeah...)
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MY GOD!!!! MY LAPTOP IS DEAD!!!! HARD DRIVE JUST WENT POOF!! Nooooo!!!!! The three comics that I've been working on, the vote, special and comic 30 ALL GONE..!!! ALL THOSE HOURS WASTED!!!!!!!! Don't know when I'll be able to get a new one... the latest on my birthday, which is on OCTOBER!!! $#!@^%^*@#$@#%^{}^*%^&%$^ <-depends on what language you're using               wait, not done yet...ehem... GRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CAPS LOCK!!!!!!!!!11111@@@
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Just started playing it with my little sis. If you have a wireless router and Internet, I'll share my friend code with you ^^ Oh and my grandpa died, now I have no granpas anymore :( Have to attend his funeral this week, which is a first for me :| . Not really sad about it or anything, death is a part of life after all, everybody dies, I'll die, and you'll die too X_X
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Woah, I've almost reached the first year of my webcomic, sweet!! Missed some but I've done most of them. OH AND LOL FAN ART, THANKS JED!!(masaya ka na?)…

You can submit fan art too, I'll put it on my site so, thanks in advance!!