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Cat Nine 225 - Rope is dope


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Hibi-Hibi Awkward Seduction


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Cat Nine 225 - Rope is dope

Cat Nine

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myan luvs sosages

Cat Nine: Bonus art and comics

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Fan Art

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Molly Evans


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Halloween Wallpaper 2018


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Magicat Myan and Magiwolf Tammy

Magicat Girl

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Sketches and concept

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Inktober 2018: Day 1 - Poisonous


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Myan and the hills

Actionscript First Steps

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The Midonyn Epic Page 1

-Chapter 1- It's a cool night and no one's around. Sitting at a bench in the park, I was watching the stars while listening to my tunes. Ah, the simple pleasures in life... God damn I wish something would happen. I hear the rustle of the bushes nearby. Then a cat emerged. OH, of course it's just a cat. What else could it be? "Meow!" the cat meowed. "Beat it, I don't have any food." I said. Suddenly, it stopped, stared at my direction for a bit and just ran away. Stupid cat, what was that about? "Hello there young lady." I almost jumped as I looked wildly around for the voice that came out of nowhere. Then I found it.

The Midonyn Epic story

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2dAnim2 Midterms

3d stuff

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Walk Cycle Practice 1

Animation Excercises

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Noteworthy 1 - Everybody's Problem


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Halloween Banner 2014

Pixel art and sprites

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Elias Conallson 3 WIP


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