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Kipo wakes up

Possible first opening shot for animated show
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Where it all began. Loved the show, sad that it ended after 3 seasons. :'(

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Mate, you predicted the future. "animated show"

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This is awesome! I love Kipo!

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Such a great story! Love the show. <3

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anyone else unable to get the website for the comic to load I (i think the address is "" but I can't get anything to load)

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It had to be taken down, from what I understand it's part of the licensing with Dreamworks but I could be wrong. Only the Wayback machine can show it.
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That's a shame........I hope Dreamworks is giving this amazing creator a really good financial compensation .  The cartoon adaptation is amazing and I'm excited for more, but I also would love to read its original source material.....maybe she can still work with Dreamworks to release a physical comic book?
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There's a lot of worry that Dreamworks/Netflix is actually trying to cancel/sabotage the show (little to no advertisement for it, no real promoting on Netflix compared to other series' it hosts etc) because of Benson coming out. Not sure how true that is and how much is just people reading too much into it, but it doesn't sound likely that they will.
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Ehhhhh I'm skeptical about that......I can't say anything on Dreamworks behalf, but Netflix's the Dragon Prince has two instances of openly gay/lesbian couples and considering the creator is working with Dreamworks on this cartoon adaptation (I'm assuming), wouldn't they have shown their concerns over the script and with Bensen before they released the final episodes? I feel people are reading a bit too much into it.  I just learned about Kipo for the first time,......was not familiar with the webcomic, I can understand why there wouldn't be a ton of advertisement, I know other shows that have done well enough to get more seasons despite not getting a lot of screen time in a marketing sense.  As fans the best things we can do is message Dreamworks and Netflix to remind them how much we are enjoying the show and how we supprt future seasons and even by posting/sending in fanart.  Also just by viewing the first season a bunch of times for that view count to climb high.  
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When I saw Kibo recently I knew the style and character looked familiar! This has been in my faves for a looong time... (As evident by the existing comment on this)
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I love your show, man! So much fun!
This is why you don't just let ya dreams be dreams folks! Ya show's beautiful, man! Ya genius! 
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Aargh I just love how you play with perspective o.o
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wooooooooooooooo. this shoes!! i like the mood on this. this is damn good. it give me the desire to draw. 
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OOOOOO! Looks real nice!
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I would like to make that show.
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Dreamworks beat you to it.
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The perspective here is really great!

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thanks, been trying to push that
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