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The new Terrashock (Full body version) by RadrylAllen, visual art

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My Bio
[Profile image made by Calica. ]

Terrashock is a Veteran Combaticon who serves Megatron with his life, following every order without any doubt. On his past he used to be known as "Terrorshock" by some Cybertronians who were unlucky enough to cross his path during his escape from his homeland after deciding to proceed with projects considered illegal and abominations as most of them were related to corrosive and toxic weapons. On other words, weapons with the intention of bringing a really painful and slow death. And during his escape he managed to "test" most of these weapons, besides creating more weapons using pieces of the chassis of the fallen soldiers he killed.

Terrashock is without doubt a dangerous Decepticon, being a gunsmith, he covered most part of his chassis with weapons, it reached the point of him getting tired of "counting how many tricks" he had under his "sleeves". Besides that, he is knew for being a strategist, a quality he always had as he used to lead squads in the past. Now he uses these skills to assist the Decepticon cause and will do anything to assist Megatron and his army, no matter the costs.

[Some OOC notes: The conversation on my dA WILL be via Comms, unless we agree it will not, as Terrashock is mostly on his private workshop. If you come up with derpy stuff like "baby Optimus", baby ( some canon), I will also ignore these posts, seriously, come up with something that makes sense, thank you.]

Favourite TV Shows
Anything related to war, weapons and chaos.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anything related to heavy metal and explosions.
Favourite Books
Anything related to weapons and destruction, I need inspiration to create new weapons, you know?
Favourite Games
Anything dhat includes exploding other mechs or fleshings.
Tools of the Trade
Guns. Lots of guns.
Other Interests
Explode dhings, kill dhings, torture dhings, create dhings. Yeah lots of dhings, don't you dhink? Also do anything to assist Megatron, and of course, creep Knock Out with my countless scratches on my chassis.
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I am not as active as I used to be in dA, sorry people.
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,...Kinda, yeah, kinda. But enough to actually reply to messages and stuff.
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These weeks are going to be complicated, so I may not be around too often.
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Hi! How are you? Want to RP?
I barely had been paying attention to dA, honestly.
Oh, ok, dude, no problem, you know, lot of stuff happened, and I feel now like I should abandon the Transformers fandom.
You can like something without being part of the fandom, really. I haven't done anything related to TF in ages, but I still like transformers. And from time to time, I sketch Terrashock. The whole fandom thing is something I prefer to avoid, because most of fandoms can be very, very, very weird and messed up.
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Hello Terra! Long time no see!
Yeah, it had been a while.