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Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 7/6
Epilogue: Some Extra Bits And Pieces
20-8-9-14-7-19  1-18-5  1-12-23-1-25-19  5-22-5-18  3-8-1-14-7-9-14-7
From Player's perspective, many months had passed. In the beginning, no updates had appeared, yet they felt like there was more that could be implemented, so they thought about the idea of creating such things. Certainly possible, though would require more work later on.
Their friend agreed on helping them, but Player felt it right to at least pay them for their troubles.
Eventually, one new thing was introduced by Player - the player database. Baldi would now spawn on the database screen instead of at the schoolhouse, so he was able to take a look at whatever the person on the other side did on the screen. It was a first for him, and was estatic upon waking up to seeing it.
"Oh, hi!" He began, but then exclaimed, "Welcome to-- Wait. Oh, this is-- AH! It's PERFECT!!" He had to have a moment to marvel at it before continuing, "And look at that! It
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 4 4
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 6/6
6. Reaching Towards a New Beginning
20-8-5-14  25-15-21  20-15-12-4  13-5  9-20-12-12  1-12-12  2-5  15-11-1-25
"That's... That's right," Baldi finished reading and nodded to himself, "I was supposed to have an office, too... Principal, as well. Maybe that's the detention room...?" He shook his head slowly, ending that train of thought. "Anyway, why is it here? And not... In the schoolhouse?"
He wondered this as he turned around, seeing the empty hallway with the single door. He approached, also wondering how he'd be able to go back, as well as what will be on the other side.
"If nothing else, then the truth about my game," He said to himself again, hesitating for a moment before opening the door, oddly able to pass though the anomaly that was the strange way the door "opened".
For the most part, Baldi recognized the room's contents, though it was... Less furnished than what he was expecting. A single long desk and chair, a chalkboard wi
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 2 0
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 5/6
5. Now for Your Feature Presentation
4-5-19-16-9-20-5  5-22-5-18-25-20-8-9-14-7  25-15-21  16-21-19-8-5-4  1-14-4  16-21-19-8-5-4
18.  BALDI - 2/7 - 00:17:50
It's been ten minutes, with no sign of progress. This was probably the longest Player felt semi-conscious through all of Baldi's runs, and the more it continued, the more their desire for vengeance waned.
At last, Player followed after Baldi, who had all but disappeared into the farther room past the school rules poster, to see what was taking him so long. A door open later, and Player found out why.
Baldi was in a corner, laid on his side in a fetal position. His eyes were puffy and red, as though he'd been crying until he lacked the energy to. The glazedness of his gaze left him barely acknowledging Player at first.
"Oh, hi..." He tried to drone as usual, with a half-hearted wave. Quickly, he gave up with a sigh. "Ah, what's the point..." When Player pointed to the notebook floating up
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 2 0
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 4/6
4. Time for a Change of Pace
23-8-1-20  23-9-12-12  8-1-16-16-5-14  6-18-15-13  14-15-23  15-14  9-13  19-3-1-18-5-4
14.  BALDI - ?/7 - ??:??:??
There was a series of electronic beeps as the game attempted to start up. Before long, there was light, and then, the map of the school. It was as though the game, as simplistic as it was, was trying to find, process, and use code that may or may not exist. However, despite the odds, it managed to retrieve itself, in some form. This form, while unusual, proved stable enough to play as intended.
"Intended", taken loosely.
Baldi's eyes fluttered open, the original jet black color now showing blue irises. He shakily got to his feet, finding that he wasn't at his starting position. Instead, he stood where Player would've been. Looking forward, he saw that Player was in his old spot. Player seemed to stare at him, with an empty smile on their face, and a strange extra str
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 3 4
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 3/6
3. To Do Your Absolute Worst
9-6  25-15-21-18-5  8-5-18-5  20-15  19-20-1-25  20-8-5-14  4-15  25-15-21-18  23-15-18-19-20
01. PLAYER - 0/7 - 00:00:35
02. PLAYER - 3/7 - 00:04:28
03. PLAYER - 4/7 - 00:02:53
04. PLAYER - 5/7 - 00:04:02
05. PLAYER - 6/7 - 00:05:01
06. PLAYER - 6/7 - 00:05:45
07. PLAYER - 7/7 - 00:06:17
08. PLAYER - 7/7 - 00:07:56 ★
09. PLAYER - ?/7 - ??:??:??
Player appeared, which Baldi hadn't been expecting. He lowered his Think Pad, though smiled widely at Player, greeting them all the same.
"Oh, hi!" Was his signature start, "Welcome to my schoolhouse! Back so soon? Well, regardless, I just wanted to say that I'm so proud of you! You beat my game! You should be celebrating!" From nowhere, he pulled out a noisemaker and blew on it once. Player didn't react much, but Baldi was too joyful to notice.
"Maybe next update, they could introduce party mechanics!" He continued, thinking of the
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 2 0
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 2/6
2. The Welcoming Committee of Here School
23-8-1-20  1-18-5  25-15-21  8-15-16-9-14-7  20-15  7-1-9-14
Player inspected the school rules poster, to memorize all of them to ensure less detention time. Their current highest notebook score was four at this point. With them, they carried another pair of school snacks and the quarter from the beginning.
After the inspection, Player headed out, continuing their search for the notebooks, watching out for the sounds of the ruler. However, it became obscured by another sound - a music box. Then, a voice.
"Let's play!" Squealed a young girl as she approached Player, who jumped at the sudden sight of Playtime. Once she caught up to them, she continued, "Jump five times in a row! Once you do, I'll let you go!" followed by a short, teasing laugh.
Player had no choice but to comply, though mistimed the last jump.
"Oops, you messed up!" Playtime noticed, "Let's try again, from the top! Ready?" Annoyed, Player st
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 3 3
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game - 1/6
Baldi's Basics: Save The Game
Written by RadRapo
It's Friday, and school's out for the weekend! However, Player's friend left his notebooks in the school, but can't go get them himself because he'll be late for eating practice... Whatever that means.
Join Player on their journey through the school, bumpy as it may be. All the while, they're under the watchful eye of Professor Baldi, who's prepared some fun trivia for Player to do along the way!

20-8-5  7-1-13-5  9-19  14-15-20  23-8-1-20  9-20  19-5-5-13-19
1. Getting Started in Baldi's Basics
12-15-15-11  1-20  23-8-1-20  25-15-21-22-5  7-15-20-20-5-14  25-15-21-18-19-5-12-6  9-14-20-15
Player stood casually in front of the exit, taking notice of their surroundings - the interior of the supposed schoolhouse of which the game took place. They looked forward, seeing another person nearby. A tall, polygonal adult bearing a simplistic gre
:iconradrapo:RadRapo 4 7
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The muffin's good by the way
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To anyone who happens to see this: this woman is truly one of the sweetest, smartest, sassiest people I've ever met, and I'm truly grateful that I'm blessed with her heart in my hand~
Wed Jan 31, 2018, 1:12 AM
awwwwww that's cheesyyyy
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Hi I love you
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CF: The Remouldening

Sat Jul 29, 2017, 6:13 PM
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[EDIT]: Circus King is complete!

After about 11 episodes posted to Reddit via a Google Document, I've finally decided to spread the word here to DA. Why? Maybe there's still a pulse in the CF community, who knows???

So if there's still someone out there who wants to read a silly script consisting of a heartfelt retelling of CF 1, then have a link to the original reddit thread that started it all, with crazy ever-changing ratings and everything:

>>> CF 1: CIRCUS KING <<<

- Yes, it's still in the works, and episodes come out bi-weekly. It's finished! No need to worry about more release dates.
- Yes, there will be headcanons, lots of them. In something like this, it's hard not to.
- Yes, I'm well aware that the thread rating changes every refresh. I have no idea what happened. I'd make another thread but we're in too deep.
- Yes, this is a script and technically those are chapters. I just like to call them episodes because I like to imagine SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS...
- Will I do the other games? Uhhh...... Even I don't know that yet.
- You don't need a Reddit account to read the script, but you do if you wish to comment in the thread. Not cool with that? Comment here instead!
- I'd update here every new episode, but to be notified of the same journal every two weeks can and will get annoying. I'll consider otherwise if the need arises.

"lol bye" because I can't add a conclusion to save my life without faking it.


Oh yeah, Drew's back on Tumblr! Ran by yours truly.
It used to be ask-dtl-hero, but I moved him to his main blog, creationhero.
The inbox of old won't be forgotten though, since he'll be tackling those asks first. He's already almost done with them!
Ask him stuff, follow him, or whatever!

Here it is!
Hi! by RadRapo
Sorry DA, kinda forgot to tell you. iOS Tears Of Joy Emoji Button (3/???) 
Introducing: Subcollections!

As I already had a main collection dedicated to school/study, I decided that what I was going to add wasn't going to fit the theme enough to be part of it, but was also too similar to be completely separate.
Therefore, the upcoming Baldi's Basics F2Us will become my first ever subcollection. Subcollections will function exactly like main ones, but will only be accessible through the main collection's page.
Y'all Baldi fans keep looking out for them over the next day!

Oh, and here's the noteboos to get set up for what's to come:
F2U - Notebook Pink F2U - Notebook Red F2U - Notebook Green F2U - Notebook Cyan F2U - Notebook Blue F2U - Notebook Black 
It's been a while, but I'm going to post some F2U stuff again.
Be on the lookout for the next few days!
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start posting Mii QRs again - this time, from Miitopia!
A mould a day keeps thuh boss away. ; )
Alright, I can now safely say that my F2U pixel dump is complete.
For now.
Y'all can rest easy for a little while!


United States
I'm just a young adult trying to do things by writing dumb shit like 3deep5me fanfictions and sillyass scripts. Every once in a while I draw things too but that's not my strong suit.
I'm hopelessly in love with instarsa. One day we want to live together.
And that's about it.

I love you forever, dear. :heart:

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Hi I'm back from the premium-less dead. 

6 deviants said You lost premium?
1 deviant said Could be more F2Us.
1 deviant said Or more mudfiters art.
No deviants said I'm gonna make some stuff maybe.
No deviants said Change up my stamp selections perhaps.


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