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January 18, 2008
Stunning detail on a massive scale. Take some time to enjoy Worth enough? by *radoxist.
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Worth enough?


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So I started this image nearly a year ago and enjoyed it all the time:) Hope you will enjoy the looking....its personal work. Original size is 3500x4668, it would be allowable as print.

And chek out some of the hires crops here :) enjoy!………

-- edit

Shade+wireframe -…

Additional renders and views for this artwork -………………

wallpaper size here -…
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Still kinda surprised so many people take "class warfare" away from this. Having seen loads of anarchist, socialist, and Marxist art, this doesn't come across as a class struggle image anywhere near as much as it does an almost utopian one. It would be such if the people living in that community were cramped in shanties and constantly monitored by drones and forced to drink obviously polluted water, but it looks like a much comfier sort of neo-Çatalhöyük for people who wanted to leave the extremes of a post-Singularity society to rediscover their Neolithic roots. The fact that the megacity is so huge while the horticultural society is so tiny and the little society is also so concerned with its own devices rather than be exploited by the wealthy also doesn't really support the "rich vs. poor" argument. I mean I'm all up for interpretations and whatnot, but it just feels like way too many people stopped at the most bare interpretation possible.

TLDR: People say this is rich vs. poor. As an admirer of socialist art, this looks far closer to techies vs. hippies.

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This is the future, this is the truth, luxury and opulence is only going to be achieved with the sacrifice of the poor, and the rich will never get off the shoulders of the poor!

Este es el futuro, esta es la verdad, el lujo y la opulencia solo se lograrán con el sacrificio de los pobres, ¡y los ricos nunca se librarán de los hombros de los pobres!
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hope all the water is being treated before discharge.
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The message I got from this pic is: Eat the rich
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Beautifully tragic
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This would be great for a fantasy novel... thanks for the idea!
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Finally found the original version.

I made an account just to express my appreciation of this work of art. It is truly astounding.

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I'd rather live outside the wall.
Yuli-Ban's avatar
I'd rather live in the city, but I'll come down to visit.
maxvision92's avatar
What gives you the idea you'd be free to leave?
Yuli-Ban's avatar
My interpretation of the image? I didn't know I wasn't allowed to have an interpretation of what's going on.
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I'm just saying, the presence of walls around the city implies to me at least that going outside the city would be a one-way trip, and that's assuming they'd let you leave
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Too many laws, too many societal rules, too many people. I like simplicity.
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I mean I'd hate to say it but all-natural living isn't as simple as you think it is and this mindset has gotten plenty of first-worlders in big trouble when they tried going totally off the grid without preparation; it's the wrong way to think about it. Its complicated in its own way, without alienation. There is no "simple" way other than either living as a house pet or solitary confinement.

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It's best not to jump into anything without preparation. If you don't know what you're doing, simple living isn't for you. lol

I assume that the villagers are there by choice, because were they exiled from the city they would have moved farther away. It could be that the people in the village willingly rejected modernity due to ideological reasons, or they could simply be practicing living history (portraying people from the past to educate others on this lifestyle). 
Great concept, well done ^^
this is my favorite artwork of all time!
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My headcanon: this is some time in a fully automated future society where all basic needs are met and the economies and social structures of the present are basically extinct. Because of this, many people are finally able to do what they want to do with their lives, and in some cases, that means recreating ancient ways of living. So some choose to live on the outskirts of a futuristic megacity, basically living the way their ancestors did many thousands of years ago.

We can't do this today without facing hefty repercussions since labor is, for the most part, not automated and thus humans are required to keep society functioning, hence why we shame those who are lazy or choose not to work. Yet we also have surprisingly regressive ideas on automation, thinking that not working entirely would make us depressed despite the fact that societies with few working hours actually have much higher productivity and happiness and it's in those with much more working hours that the idle tend to be depressed.
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the problem is that we’re seeing the results now. Generations unable to connect with one another, elder’s wisdom becomes corrupt, those who crave was, the warmongers stir in increase restlessness. A peaceful world where everything is provided for is doomed to shatter like the dream it is. Those outside see this and knows that those buildings of steel and glass will one day fall as the society within enviably implodes.

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