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Pirate - treasure island

more info at - [link]

My latest work for Aupark shopping center here in Bratislava Slovakia.
Radoxist studio was responsible for final post production, background matte painting, retouching and making a 3d pirate ship. The pirate girl in a wooden basket was shot by Jakub Klimo.

Final visual - [link]
3d part of the scene - [link]
Original photo before retouching - [link]
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very nice work
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LOVE this. Great work!
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Great details and lighting
love the costume
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Nice work man, good work on this one,
I like the way you combined different mediums into 1 piece,
and also the mood in this picture (such as clouds/fog) looks great as addition:D
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To si robil ty? :wow: úžasná práca :)
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Skvelá práca... Ako si robil laná, shaderom?
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wow dude as al ways thats all seven shades of awesomeness
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you are being featured here [link] :D
great work :D
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she better hold on tighter or shes going to loose hold :D
What a picture!! O.O
Fantastic pose and great model!

Can't my eyes off <3<3
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Lady, there are two slight problems. You might want to reconsider wearing such ample skirts in winds like this, and be that far up in the masts. You might get blown off the ship. Two, you might consider wearing something warmer, in case you freeze. The wind is obviously getting to you, because you don't seem to be perched very stably. And that will prevent you doing the spotting job thing properly. :( Nice shot, but risky.
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have you ever heard about advertising....?
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Uh, yes, is she advertising that funky pirate attire? Because if so, I wouldn't mind inviting her over for tea, so we could discuss where she got it from.
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Looks great. My only complaint is that she's looking upward through the telescope. Unless she's bird-watching, it would probably be pointing down toward the horizon.
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Teda som videl billboard s týmto ale fakt ma nenapadlo že si za tým :D
Pekná robota ;)
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Looks like taken from POTC! :D amazing photo and the blend between the 3D, background and girl is just perfect :)
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