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Fishie Thinking of You



I made this because of =krissi001's Animal Emotes Project. Plus I love fishies!

Come see the animals at =krissi001's Zoo! ^^

This is a non-swimming, smaller kb version of my "Happy Fishie" so that it could be a plz account! Yay!

To use the plz account: : iconthinkingofyouplz : (without the spaces)
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One night, an innocent girl named Crystal ran away. She was confident at first, but soon realized that she had nothing to be confident about. She was weak, thirsty, and starving. She was soon kidnapped by a murderer and was killed brutally. Now, her spirit roams the earth, searching for the most unlucky people. You must send this to 5 people in the next hour to save your life. Hurry up!


Tim had a normal life, until he got this message. Poor Tim. If only he was smart enough to send this. He slowly went insane, and soon ran away. He suffered the same fate as Crystal. Now he is dead and alone forever.

But Lucy sent this message, she lived! She lived a great life, she grew up to have a husband and kids! We all want a good life like Lucy, don't we?

Now, go and send this message around. We don't want you dead!