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Commissions CLOSED!




- Tell me how I can contact you (your DA/Tumblr account/name or e-mail), just so I can stay in touch with you. It is also easier for me to keep some list of the ongoing commission requests.

- PayPal will be used when paying for the commissions! (For finnish fellows: Regular bank transfer is an option too!)
The preferred currency is euros(€). Please use an online converter if euros aren't the currency in your country!

- Commissions will be posted mainly on my tumblr art account (RadonArt). Everything else that isn't related to fan art may be posted on my DeviantArt account. Of course your wishes will be heard if you don't want the pictures to be published at all. But don't publish anything on your own without my permission!

-Your name will be included automatically in the description of the images for copyright issues, but inform me if you don't want it to be put in display.

- I'm willing to draw gore art to a certain extent, but sadly that kind of content doesn't quite fit any of my galleries and therefore will most likely not be posted. I might set up a tag for it if the amount of demand is high. If there's only mild gore tho' (just some blood or small wounds for example), I might reconsider the posting.

- Traditional art is not available at the moment, but that might change if I get more into commissioning!


- Reference pictures are highly recommended - preferably the kind of pictures which show the character from any useful angle. It helps me to form a 3-dimensional visualisation of the character in my head and it is easier for me to make more complicated poses for example (If you don't have a visual reference of the character, it counts as a character design and has a different pricing compared to a regular work).

- Tell me about the character if I'm not familiar with it. It helps me a lot to draw more natural setting when I know what kind of person the character is and what kind of expressions they usually have etc.

- First I'll draw a sketch, and the payment will be taken once you are satisfied with it or the sketched design. After that I'll begin with further drawing and send you screenshots midway to get further instructions from you. Once the commission is finished, I'll let you take a look at it before publishing, so the final changes can be done if necessary.

- I'm going by my own schedule when drawing, unless you have a specific date for the complete piece like birthday or something.

Listed fandoms are not the only ones that I know about. There's more of course, but I have more neutral opinion on them. Don't be afraid to ask if you're after something specific! I can always draw something else besides them. :>


- Again, clear description, please! I will start my process based on it.

- Every character design is a separate process, but if you want me to draw a picture including the designed character and additional character/s with existing reference images, that is a whole new situation! In this case with additional character the price will go up by 10€.

- Flat color background comes with the character design automatically for free. We can discuss about a picture with specific quality, background and such if that's necessary.

This is the first time for me to do comissions with this kind of formality so I'm new to everything. Don't hesitate to give me feedback, I would appreciate it!

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