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the guardian

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In the desperate times of need the native tribes created a guardian to protect them from the English colonist. Imagine a native pumpkin golem. I was inspired by the beautiful movie, New World from Terrence Malick.

Happy Halloween

All photoshop and wacom some 4-5 evenings.
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This is really nice :nod:
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"In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song!"
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This should be an album cover for the metal band  Helloween. 
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I adore the moon in the background
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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It gave me the chills!
You're making me feel Hallowe'eny again Clap 
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That would be an epic story. 
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Pretty frickin cool.
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Magnificent work :)
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The Great Pumpkin finally rises!
A pumpkin golem? OMG CAN IT BE?
...Love you for this!
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This is just so. cool.
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I love the way you bring light just into the scene. You are very good at directing my attention. It inspired a tales with worlds. Thank you for sharing.

Little did the humans know what we did over the years. Alien lifeforms came to earth and we would encourage them to relocate. One event back in Terran 1200's was what the Terran later called the UNKNOWN. It was small remains within an meteor. Cute from ethereal vision with its flowing energy that pulsates through a spectrum of color. I knew this life as I have see how well it consumes and alters mater. I knew I had to relocate before it consumed Terran.
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I got chills just looking at this picture
Your art is so wonderful and you are very talented!!!
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Heh, I'm picturing you as one of those meddling film producers. "Great script, Terrence, but it needs more monsters."
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Looks like a Native American Halloween meet H.P. Lovecraft.

Some very interesting ideas in all that.
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I love large scale monster types, this is wondrous!
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That is totally epic!
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