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harvest time

By RadoJavor
First of the halloowen pictures for this year. Colonists are just in the middle of harvest celebration when something comes. Rest is just your imagination.
Hope you like it.
Quicker work in Photoshop , the chracters are based on my friends Chris sketch.
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Your love for Turner's work is everywhere, what  a light !
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As we celebrated the harvest one of the watchmen first heard the creaking of the branches.  Out of the fields it came, the creature, eyes aglow a daemon red and a fell murder of crows as a cloak.  Even as I write this I can hear the rustling of the grass.  I do not fear death, I only fear the harvest...
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Turns out it was just the village idiot after too much time on his hands, and a good laugh was had by all. =D
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Guess it makes sense,if there were Children of the Corn, there had to be parents! :)
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Your work needs an author to go with it. You paint stories that I want to read.

Or, perhaps, write.

I'll need to give thought to that idea.

Evocative, to be certain, as is so much of your work.
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Looks a bit Lovecraftian. The settlers celebrating when suddenly Shub-Niggurath, the goat of a thousand yound, appears.
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Your idea on what happened to Roanoke huh?
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They would have wonderfull halloowen, certainly the scent of fear and lingering feeling of evil can be felt from your work. People which you have shown doesn't have any idea what to do with this acurseed thing and that is what I love about it
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Wondeful, and you should make an animated movie on your hallowins artwoks
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Very cool looking pic, nicely created!
End of story.

-Savvanah Black.
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My god, I've added a few of your works to my favorites just browsing through dA, and heh, I just simply adore these. They're quite something.
Well done on all of them. They're just fantastic.
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You have a wonderful imagination! I love the way you have set these images back in the 1800's. It's perfect for that haunting Halloween atmosphere! Really enjoying these images! :iconkabecat:
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"Rest is just your imagination"

-Rado Javor
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Cool and creepy!
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The atmosphere created here reminds me of "The Crucible." Excellent work.
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Holy grail, thats creazy... awesome work =)
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Quicker work??? how quick???
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