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gethsemane garden

A quick work for todays day. About 2 hours in PS. Decided to keep it in B&W with some colour touch.
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First off awesome art work. Good bible art is soooo far and few in between, but you have some amazing pieces. With that said I am not an artist but somewhat of a digital collector. With that said, I am wondering what I am looking at. Is this Judas, with the guards behind him as he stares at his old comrades about to betray them? Is this Judas looking at the guards waiting to lead them? Or is this Jesus coming back from praying looking on as his disciples fall asleep? Or is Jesus going to pray and glancing back. So many scenarios, yet you created it. So what were you making in those two hours?
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It is Jesus looking at his disciples
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sweet thanks bro
I must concur with #Jetzul - so powerful! 
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So beautiful...and just so powerful. 
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2 hours?!?!  :wow:  It would take me 2 days to do this!
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Enchanting, makes me think of Neil Gaimans Stardust.
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I'm going to start doing digital painting as well but i need practice.
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What the hell?! You did this in 2 hours?! How on earth......
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:omg:this is amazing!!
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beautiful! well done
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Very haunting. I can almost feel the anticipation and sadness that accompanies this scene. Nice!
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When are we gonna see that tutorial Radojavor ? :(
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How does one make this in 2 HOURS?? That is just mad. Mad brilliant.
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This is absolutely beautiful.
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HOW DO YOU DO THIS................ AND IN 2HOURS
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very nice lighting. I like the small lights in the foreground.
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wow...lovelly work
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Beautiful work! Two hours? It would take me two years! :)
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HOW did you make this in two hours? God, this is seriously good. I think you're a genius.
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