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My latest work for the game Empire. Its just my artistic vision of the Yorktown siege at the end of the Indipedence war. The picture is a little bit patriotic which is not a bad thing, especially on the thanksgiving weekend:)
I used a more colours as usually, the picture shall be somehow optimistic, from American point of view at least . I would like to see your opinion about it. The characters were still a pain to do for me, but its gettin better I hope.
The whole thing was done in some 30-40 hours, just photoshop and intuos tablet.
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GREAT ! I have Empire and I thought this looked familiar! Ihaven't played it in a while. I got a new PC with Wind.10- won't even load now! I assume this is Yorktown.

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A fantastic image! Tell me. What were you looking to convey with this drawing?

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Holy Shit you did the artwork for Empire? That was some of the best parts about that game.
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Red, white, and blue never give up. They represent America!

The color, atmosphere, everything makes this amazing!
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The loading screen I have come to love when I'm loading a land battle. :)
Fantastic work!!!!
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Y-You made this?

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These are truly amazing pieces.

I saw your art work years ago, but with the recent sale of total war games on steam I couldn't help but make the connection of your work, truly, amazing =)

Its great to be able to see the pieces without the loading bar in the way, haha. 
Hehe patriotic ... thanks giving .... I'm a horrible human being for finding that funny.
these are images from Empire Total War...
Yes. And his is the artist that did the original painting for the game. 
I've all ways wondered, what are they standing in front of?
They are entrenched.
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great piece of history...
Wow! I always admired the art in the loading screen for Empire Total War. I'm glad I finally found the creator on deviantart!
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i like it .... so good.... but can i ask ... that type of canon ... is it the genuine type of the american independence ... i mean this canon in ur painting is the actual one at that days ???
It is a early form of a mortar(they say it is a howitzer ingame, i just thinks it looks more like a mortar) that instead of firing straight forward it fired in a step arc, lobbing shells of obstacles, had less range than the usual cannons(long barrel).
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Awesome! Shows a pretty good image of what Yorktown might've looked like to the Patriots PoV!
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I believe someone is using your works [link] . I don't know if they have permission because they've blocked me from asking them.
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I love the total war series and this is my favorite picture from the Empire: Total War game, i was truly astonished at how this is an upload of the original picture, im completely awestruck and greatly pleased to be in your presence. I have nothing bad to say bout the artwork itself, i've studied the battle of Yorktown countless times and this is an exact copy of how i imagined it! I myself am also working on some art for a game, it's more "Conceptional" but i hope you have time to check out my gallery and review my concept art, but anyhow, AMAZING PICTURE!
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WOW!!!! This is really AMAZING...and exquisite. It looks like a painting, only it was done on a computer.... :wow: I cannot believe how working on photoshop and tablet can create such a wonderful image! The lighting you did on certain parts and the shadows that the characters are in, are awesome as well. What stood out the most to me was the lighting that you put on the American Flag, and how much detail you put into just that small part of the image. I LOVE THIS!!!! :squee:
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Really beautiful. Great tree, really epic lighting, and absolutely stunning work on the primary flag!

If you don't mind a bit of minor criticism? Just because I like this picture so much: The soldiers could use some more facial characterization and a bit more individuality, particularly in the faces (which aren't bad, just a tiny bit bland), and the weapons-spear, saber, cannons-could use some careful detailing.

Everything else is glorious and perfect.
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Whoa. As I'm going through your gallery I'm seeing all the pics that were used in the game. Totally awesome, man. :-D
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Beautiful Work!!
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