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Warhammer Chaos

The landscape after Chaos taken over, environment concept for the total war: warhammer. 
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Wow! nice work.

love the feeling it gives.

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Gives me some real End Times vibes- awesome

this is what i was searching for my new setting on D&D! Can i use it for my new manual?
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Best Fantastic Art!
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Fantastic artwork! At last I've found the artists behind WAR here on Deviantart and over on Artstation. I want to say two things: Thank you so much for all you've done, and there is more in the Warhammer fantasy vein if you ever catch the itch again.

Evocative and with care given to details and colourwork. Given your deft hand at illustrating Chaos and everything Warhammer in general, you might be interested in knowing that Warhammer Fantasy have a community driven spiritual successor project under steam. Namely, The Ninth Age:

It is fully possible for previous Warhammer fanart to be submitted to T9A, and if their iconography doesn't constitute IP infringement they may well make it into full army books, full credits given. Obviously, such an ambitious project is always welcoming artists, for artwork is what makes or breaks a professional polished product. This is a chance to have one's fanart under an official stamp, and moreover to develop one's own styles for familiar archetypes.

Note that one has to post two comments on the forum before being allowed to upload images to the gallery (just post compliments in the army blog section or suchlike).

Also, they've recently launched their first Art Contest, this time pitting Warriors of the Dark Gods against others:… Many more contests to follow in months and years to come if this catch on. Something for your talents and tastes, perhaps?

Just mentioning. In any case, great artwork! Have a good day. :)
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Are the two moons in the sky accurate to the game's set-up, or was that a bit of "Hey Why not? Chaos has taken over, after all" artistic flair?
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Splendid ruined landscape you've created. Now all that needs to happen is the ground to open up.
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This is amazing!
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It makes me remember of a place in my childhood dreams.
RadoJavor's avatar
really scary dreams
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do u like working on a fantasy game for a change or do u like the historical stuff more ?
(i love warhammer) 
RadoJavor's avatar
i like painting any interesting landscape
leopoldtwo's avatar
so true :p any landscape can be intresting and nice
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Looks like there are two moons
RadoJavor's avatar
yes, this world have two .
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Powerful, dramatic image. Wonderful detail. Chaos is evident by the strange structures, the savage landscape and the wild sky.
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Holy, epic-ally sensational! This War Hammer Empire Landscape is stunning and The Hazy Sky looks incredible! The ruins, moon, clouds, mountains, brush fire, flames, trees, trunks, plant life, terrain, gate, lightning, magic, rays, shadows, river, reflection, gleam, statues. perspective, realisticness, ledges, cliffs, movement, pendulums, tree house, flock of birds, atmosphere, hues, textures, composition, concept, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Brilliant. I love it.
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it look amanzig ^^
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Very stark and grim, a black wave of misery and chaos seen before it hits...
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Your landscapes are all so stunning, they don't just capture the place, they tell a story.  :3
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