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Warhammer Bretonia

I'm happy that can show my works which were done for the Total War: Warhammer game. 
Misty Bretonnia  painting used to imagine this land of fantasy with medieval France inspiration. I was aiming to make it look not too fairy tale, this place can be very dangerous.
All done in photoshop in about week.

the game will be released soon, here are more details if interested.…
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This made it to the Warhammer Fantasy Wiki for Bretonnian Castles.

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In a week only ? WOW, HUNDREDS OF CONGRATS !!
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Very nice work.
I love the style and scale.
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So bad you're working for those CA whores
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I love the muted colours and the light. The painting makes me think of the old masters.
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King Leuon Leuoncour, Yes.
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Bretonia is heavily French inspired( look at the names associated with the realm). Just like the Empire is German. And Chaos Warriors are 20% cooler vikings.
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Chaos warriors for the most of them come from Kurgans tribes, living somewhere near the real Oural and Finland.
Vikings in Warhammer are norse, some of them become chaos warriors, but not that much.
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just wow... +fav
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wow.. it look so amaznig ^^ you did really awsome work :)
Agarwaen-Mormegil's avatar
Wonderful, so good to see Bretonnia get some love!
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Great work mate. Very atmospheric. :) :+fav:
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Ahhhhh, good old Bretonia...where wine flows, girls sing and death is sweet as both of mentioned....
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that's exact I was thinking about.
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Simply amazing!
Only-s-Daughter's avatar
Absolutely in love with this. You definitely achieved the 'dangerous fairytale' ambience. the soft shadows and haziness make me want to get lost in those places, danger or not! Such beautiful work.
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thank you. Im glad it was succesfull.
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love the weather detail...
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This is very beautiful
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