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July 20, 2017
War of the Worlds by RadoJavor
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War of the Worlds

Victorian naval battle inspired by the book ''War of the Words'' by H.G. Wells from 1898. A big battle including Royal Navy capitol ships agains the Martian invaders, at the coast of Essex.

This battle is just starting in the novel, as the story of the book goes to diffrent places. So that gives me a space for imagination. The ship close to the camera is HMS Camperdown, I've tried to make it realistic.
Whole pic done just as a relaxation thing for me, after some difficult times. 
Hope you like it. 

PS. for those who read the book, the ship  Thunder Child is destroyed and this scene is a second act of the battle.
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That's just how I imagined such a battle to look like! Great job!

bertuin's avatar

That brings the feeling of the fiction into the time it was released!

eathr349's avatar

You got the alien element down right

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First of all congratulations on your Daily Deviation! I love that story, no matter what format. Book, movie, or audiobook and this art is so stunning! I found your art featured here:

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This is honestly terrifying to look at. Further emphasizes the bravery of the men and women who participated in this battle. It may be fictional, but this is authentic to the max. Great work. The fact that you were relaxed while making it is probably the reason it's in great quality.

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"This is how WOTW should've been presented, not that silly daddy-vs-son nonsense in Spielberg's lame demonstration." - PAV

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Even after reading the book, whenever I think of War of the Worlds, the Gene Barry movie or the Orson Welles radio program come to mind. Taking a bit of the tale and expanding upon it in the year the book was written is a great idea. Thank you. Oh, and I used a filter to lighten the image to see all the flotsam on the water.

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Let those might human engines of destruction wreak havoc among those damnable alien invaders of sacred Earth. We shall not be defeated!!!

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This looks amazing.

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Every now and then i listen to the Jeff Wayne version of War of the Worlds, or watch videos of it (Farewell Thunderchild!). THis is superbly done :heart:

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Ah, one of my favorite stories.
Nice, hoping the new TV series sticks to teh books like this.
Schwarzweiler's avatar
fantastic piece.
kingamegamegame12's avatar
yoooooo, thats awesome!
this is wonderful, may I use it will credit to yourself and your page for a youtube wallpaper video for my audio?
Dylancomputorguy's avatar
Your artwork Is amazing!
SKdaGamer's avatar
Oh man, this is amazing! I've been into The War of the Worlds for a while though, although I've mainly only enjoyed Jeff Wayne's musical version of it, but I love how this looks! It's so realistic, and it really captures that scene really well. Nice job, and keep up the great work!
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Absolutely incredible work! HG Wells is my all-time favourite author, and the original War of the Worlds is one of the most disturbingly unsettling books ever written. Unfortunately, most artworks relating to it, don't capture that creepy juxtaposition of familiarity and horror - but, your work does exactly that! This subject (the wider battles between the Martians and humans - hinted at, but not directly covered in the book) is an amazing source for inspiration, and I really hope you do more. Maybe the large siege guns around Richmond blasting away at the tripods approaching London, or the defence works being prepared across the midlands? Either way, absolutely AMAZING work, thank you for sharing!
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thank you. I wish I have a time for another picture from this novel. maybe in a year or so. 
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Amazing, great work.
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Applause Clap Nice work, very well done.
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As an Avid war of the worlds fan, I am happy to see this.  Much applause.
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