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December 6, 2006
Titan by *Radojavor is perfect, this is exactly how I imagine mech units. When these vehicles take the battlefield, infantry units should feel fear and dread as tons of military might are put into action. Stunning image from an incredibly talented gallery.
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Warhammer again, picture from times of Horus heresy. This is the final fight between imperial forces against the chaos invasion. One of the last battle Titans resists the innumerable masses of the traitors legions. Was a little hard to paint the perspective. I have some photos of warhammer models for refrencing.
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What a beautiful hunting-dog.

Great art :-)

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Looks awesome!
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Awesome Titan.
Terminator - 3m tall;
Dreadnought - 5-6m tall;
Warhound Scout Titan - 15 m tall;
Completly f//ked up scale - priceless:))
Great picture though
Love this.... Puny heretics!
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Always looked at those and thought... 'If you need one of those in the real world.. where would the license plate go?' - Though, awesome artwork anyways!
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Awww their shooting at it, that's so cute!
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It so funny to see Chaos forces look so...puny compared to the Titan....
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Titans done right.
Fantastic picture. I do love me a Warhound Titan. Best scout ever.
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The best rendition of a Warhound Titan i have seen!
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The lighting.....droool!!!
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Just bring in Luke Skywalker with his airspeeder and use a tow cable. That thing will fall like the rest.
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Everything in WH40K will always be superior to anything in Star Wars. Even Luke.
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not when every ship in the empire has turbolasers that shoot 200 gigatons per shot, and fire four times a second, for longer ranges that make orbital bombardment easy.
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