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The Temple

Some really quick painting from last year. I wanted to try If I can do something in 2 hours. Its almost a christmas time so the picture is inspired by those event 2000 years ago.

done in photoshop+ wacom tablet.
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You should do more ancient scenes!
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I would be so happy if I could paint even like this, you have an amazing gallery, love your art work with ships, you pay great attention to detail. = )
Nero-Clau's avatar
I like this colours!
arctoa's avatar
Beautifully atmospheric work.
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ok...i've ran out of adjectives to describe your art and how much i like it so from now on i'm just gonna make elipses and critique when absolutely necessary...
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The warm colors are very evocative of the desert at dusk, and I can imagine the folklore that the bright light is a star and the shepherds are going to follow it.

The foggy, misty stuff gives an impressionistic feel that binds everything together as one mass.

The guy closest to the altar looks like Gandalf more than a shepherd though. =P That's okay. I'm sure wizards can follow stars as well as anyone.

Nice job with the quick painting. It's amazing what you realize you can accomplish in a short amount of time like this.
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amazing work.....
very good.
Haematinon's avatar
To be honest i think is one of your best works.
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I wish to see more detail but its awesome anyway.
Happy Hanuka :D
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I say that if you gave this one extra hour, this would pop with a lot more detail just by adding a couple more shades here and there.

I like that idea of speed painting in a close up shot. That is really challenging. =D
those aren't menoras in the background or are they?
MacKotek's avatar
Are those tentacles? <laughs>
emma-poinsettia's avatar
beautiful. looks watercolor-y.
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Amazingly atmospheric. Love the soft red gradient for this image.
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beautiful shading and contrasting colors
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Wow, this is alsom. The lights, the colors...
netfoo's avatar
Beautiful, but I can't help but notice the break from you're normal style. It looks great now, but I have to ask if this is just a concept work or a speed paint, or is this just an experiment? :spyed:
RadoJavor's avatar
speed paint/experiment :)
WuRscHtBr0T's avatar
Love the perspective - gj :D
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