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The Pumpkin King

I cant refuse to make another halloween picture. I love this season and the special atmosphere of this day. My imagination is again directed to the colonial america, age of first settlers and wich trials. I tried catch the atmosphere of this time in a small village where the children are dancing along some old obscure idol. All creatures are drawn to him to celebrate this night.

Hope you like the picture. Any commnets are welcome.
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Love the ambience in this pic, simply stunning. Thank you

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This is amazing.
This scene is incredibl! I like how the man in the foreground is witnissing the worship of the Pumpkin King. I’m currently co-developing a writing app called Prompt that utilises visual and written prompts to inspire stories and poetry and The Pumpkin King is the kind of image that could influence so many stories about the Pumpkin King or the Watcher. Would you be interested in including this into Prompt’s initial line up? We only ask for permission for The Pumpkin King to be included as a daily prompt. If you would like to know more about Prompt then I’ll be happy to go into more details.


I noticed that only some of your prints are available as Canvasses, is there any way to get this and/or scarecrow as a canvas?
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Well it’s nice to know that jack was able to change up the halloween celebration. He’s been trying to think of for some time now. Nice to know he’s back in he’s groove.
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Favorite Halloween scene of ALL TIME!!
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thank you. Im recreating this scene in our game. 
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Yeah, I saw the preview, looks AMAZING!! I'm not a gamer but I hope you guys find much success for all your hard work!
amazing...beautiful work
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I-i can't believe I finally found this! I love this!
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I love it! very genuine! ^^
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This is amazing <3
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This is beautiful.
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wow I love the colors and the atmosphere
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Dude the picture along with the description sent chills down my spine. Awesome work!!
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this is stunning. love anything concerning the atmosphere of halloween.
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I love Halloween too. This is a great piece
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Im sorry to hear that. but I dont make the prints, you need to write to deviantart helpdesk.
This is one of my favourites anywhere!
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